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£5 No Deposit Bonus

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  • No Deposit Bonus: £5
  • Initial Bonus: 100% up to £100
  • Repeat Bonus: 50% up to £50

Bingo Playground

Play online bingo at Bingo Playground and you could easily be mistaken in thinking that you are actually playing in your local bingo hall. The reason we say this is that the main bingo rooms have live callers for the better part of the day. So you get to enjoy the live interaction with the caller from the comfort of your own home.

Registration and welcome bonuses

The registration process is really simple and within minutes you are ready to explore what delights this site has to offer you. What’s even better is that you get £5 free bonus money to try out a few bingo games on the site before you have to spend any of your own money. However, as with most online bingo sites these days, the main bingo room is restricted to players who have funded their bingo account, so you won’t be able to play in this room until you credit money into your bingo account. Once you’ve decided that you like the site and are ready to fund your account then there is even more good news as you will also receive a 300% cash match bonus on your first deposit of £10 or more up to a maximum bonus of £150. For details of future cash match bonuses make sure that you check out the blog or keep an eye out in the live chat, for details of the increased deposit bonuses available as this will give you more money to play with.


The main pages from the home page are set out clearly with a pleasing mix of purple and pink tones that are easy on the eye. Once you enter into the bingo rooms however, you may find the gentle colour scheme ends as they are a little too busy for my liking. You may get the feeling that there's too much going on and these rooms definitely don’t fit in with the look of the site, but it's fair to say that the live calling aspect with its chat from the presenter and from players alike makes for a fresher experience of the game that you won't find at many other sites.

Bingo varieties

The main emphasis at

Play online bingo at Bingo Playground appears to be on 90 ball bingo games although according to the games schedule there are some sessions of 80 ball bingo games on offer in the Live Bingo room. However if you are a lover of 75 ball pattern bingo then I’m afraid you are out of luck as this site doesn’t cater for this variety of bingo game.

Casino and Instants games

At the bottom of the bingo rooms you’ll find a selection of Instant, Casino and Slots games to play alongside your bingo. From here you can also choose the Barbados bingo room, this will mean that you don’t need to go back to the bingo lobby to change rooms if you want to go into this bingo room.


The Snowball Jackpot games are played in the Live Bingo room between the hours of 7pm and 8pm daily, except Saturday, where you can buy tickets at a cost of just 15p each. To claim the cash jackpot you simply need to complete your card within the specified number of calls. The prize pot starts off at £50 and 54 calls for game 1 and the cash prize increases each game whilst the number of calls reduces until such time as the jackpot is won or when you get to game 13 - which has a jackpot of £350 but you need to claim within 42 calls. If claimed during the 13 game period, the jackpot resets and you start the process all over again. Why not try your luck at the £10,000 jackpot game in the Big Balls Bingo room which is the last game played each hour, between the hours of 8pm and 1am? To win the cash prize you need to complete the full house within 40 calls and then the cash will be all yours to spend as you please. Will you be sensible or will you be frivolous, the choice is completely up to you


Below are details of just a few of the regular promotions that can be found daily at Bingo Playground: Tournament Hour is played in the Live Bingo room between 5pm and 6pm where every 1 line, 2 line and full house winner will also earn themselves points, the 4 players, or groups of players, who have the most points at the end of the hour will win/share the 4 cash prizes on offer. Every hour in the Big Balls bingo room, the person who buys the 10,000th bingo ticket will win the instant Golden Ticket cash prize of £25. If you are a full house winner and are good at general knowledge then you’re in luck; this is because if you win in the Big Balls bingo rooms between 10pm and 11pm, then you will get the chance to play the ABC Quiz promo. Simply win the full house, pick envelope A, B or C and get the question correct and the £25 cash prize will be all yours. Each day there is a coupon code available on the sites own blog, which can be accessed from the home page, which enables you to claim a small bonus if you have funded your account within the previous few days.

There are many other promotions on offer so make sure that you check out the promotions page or the blog for details of what other specials you might be interested in.

Overall impression

My playing experience at

Play online bingo at Bingo Playground overall was a friendly one as every room I entered into I was welcomed by either the support staff on duty or the live caller; this can be a bit of a rarity at some online bingo sites nowadays, so was a refreshing change.


Bonus information for Bingo Playground

  • Initial deposit bonus 100% Free up to £100 eg: if you make an initial deposit of £10 you will get £10 free (minimum deposit £10).
  • Repeat deposit bonus 50% Free up to £50 eg: if you make a further deposit of £10 you will get £5 free

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