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Rogers Bingo

£30 Free bonus for £10 deposit

Rogers Bingo Current Stats:

  • Initial Bonus: 300% up to £100
  • Repeat Bonus: 25% up to £10

The latest new site to join the hideout is about to take your bingo world by storm so sit back and let us tell you why Rogers Bingo is so utterly fab! First of all it has to be said that Rogers has the most cute mascots we've ever seen but that's not the only reason why we've chosen to let this site into the Hideout – of course not we've not gone soft on you; the main reason is the 300% deposit bonus these cuties are offering when you sign up!

It's All Laid Out For You

The cute little Rogers Bingo fluffballs are all about getting you the best in bingo too and so offer a huge variety of games and best of all we think this site has laid the lounge of this site out better than we've ever seen. With a clear page of bingo games to hit when you arrive you can see from the outset how many players are in each game, the cost of each and the jackpot straight away. As soon as you've registered at this fun site you'll see how easy it is to select the game you want and from here you'll see what it is about this site that all of us in the office get so excited about. The format of the bingo hall is one of the best we've ever seen and with choices of chat, people and rooms available all in the one place we're loving how simple it is to play here.


On top of your 300% deposit bonus, you'll even get a further £10 bonus if you invite your friends round to Roger's place. All these bonuses mean that you can play 90-ball games where cards cost as little as 5p until the cows come home and when you consider that Roger's biggest game the £1,000 guaranteed game only cost 25p a ticket, we know how our bonuses are going to be spent.

Come and Join Us

Another brilliant feature of this site is their wholly interactive community area. Here you can view all the latest members, find out what your mates are up to and get involved yourself. There's everything from recipe ideas to roomie videos posted in the the community pages so why not make a quick clip of yourself doing your party trick so others can get to know you better? There are also plenty of groups of roomies to join -we're already part of the 'Bingo £1,000 GUARANTEED Tournament WINNER' group; after all we believe in a bit of positive affirmation here at Hideout HQ! You can of course set up your own group at Rogers and invite your mates and we think this is a great way to share the game as your group can then share events, videos and even photo albums. The perfect way to stay in touch with your mates or to make new friends even we love Rogers for making this site so open and accessible.

Slot Some More Fun Into Your Play

There are also some top slots and casino games and our favourite in particular is the ace 'Riviera Riches' slot. Playing with Europe's crème de la crème sure does make us feel suave and considering the huge payouts involved we certainly would be able to make friends in high places if we were to hit the pot! It's worth noting our favourite game in the casino hall too the Crown and Anchor game since we've never played this one before but we're loving it right now. Simple and fun, all you have to do is match the dice symbols to the table for huge wins this game really is the perfect way to spend your time in between bingo sessions so check it out!

A Little Heads Up

The only thing we think might be slightly lacking at Rogers is information about when the next big games are going to be held. Once you're a regular here it's much easier to get hold of that information of course since you'll be signed up to groups in the community who will notify you of new events but in the first instance it's hard to get your head around what's happening where unless you're playing in the moment. A small thing but it would be easy to post a schedule for newbies and those that are just looking for a new site to play on; we think it would lead to a lot more sign ups!

Bonus information for Rogers Bingo

  • Initial deposit bonus 300% Free up to £100 eg: if you make an initial deposit of £10 you will get £30 free (minimum deposit £10).
  • Repeat deposit bonus 25% Free up to £10 eg: if you make a further deposit of £10 you will get £2.5 free

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