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Looking for a site that will not only give the best in bingo but get you humming with happiness too? We were and happily we came across Sing Bingo. The perfect combination of gaming and musical appreciation, Sing Bingo undoubtedly draws a crowd of music affectionados as well as bingo fans which means you'll always be able to find someone to chat to onsite that loves the very things that you do.

A Big Hit For All

No matter what your musical taste – and let's face it peoples can vary wildy - there really is something to suit everyone at Sing and the best bit is you'll never know when it might pop up so it's worth stopping by quite regularly! What do we mean? Well Sing Bingo isn't just famous for it's wealth of fab bingo games no siree Bob! The thing is that if you sets this very cool site apart from most is its glorious Memorabilia section.

Always fresh and up to the minute, this section of the site celebrates all things musical from artists to kit that will improve the quality of what you're listening to, the Sing TFI Friday games are fun and best of all cheap! You never know what you're going to be playing for here - everything from gold signed discs to Kindle Fires can be found here and amazingly, tickets for each game are only 10p!

Keep an Ear to the Ground

Where as some might take a feature like this to mean put up tonnes of pop related artefacts and to display only best selling artists of the moment, Sing really does show how a diverse taste in music can be rewarding to everyone and will have treats from the likes of Lady Gaga and John Lennon all within weeks of each other and all for only 10p! TFI Friday games are held every Friday night at 9pm so keep your eye on what's up for grabs over the coming weeks – you never know which gems they'll come up with next!

That's Only One of Their Greatest Hits

Phew having got all that out of the way, we should also mention the other brilliant features Sing has onsite and our toppermost of the poppermost in this particular chart would be their themed Specials. on top of offering some of the best and cheapest prizes in bingo land, Sing also offers 24/7 FREE bingo with jackpots! Pocket yourself for only a penny at Sing or even for only 2p and you're sure to be humming to their tune for the rest of the week!

The Top Five

Sing Bingo also does a pretty catchy line in jackpots and - as you might have noticed - we always like it best when a site has a set menu (as it were) for players to choose from quickly every week.

Keeping their players happy is clearly the aim of this site and so they have set jackpots to run three times every day for as little as a penny and on top of that have added a further hat trick of pots to look forward to if you're looking for a pretty penny. Check out their Tuesday hit at 9pm where Sing swaps for only 10p, their Thursday smash when they'll swap 10p and their truly chart topping game Saturday at 9pm where a 5p ticket can bag your whole money!

Getting Play in Harmony

While this site doesn't have huge life changing amounts up for grabs we see elsewhere in bingo land what we love about Sing is that it does what its name suggests it should with both style and vigour. So many times can you stumble across an interesting sounding new bingo site name only to find there's no substance as to why its been called that; Sing is one of the new sites to launch over the last few years who bucked that trend. Taking musicality firmly on board and to provide you with a fun space to play bingo with like minded music fans are their main aims and we think they achieve these ends better than most sites can ever do. Congratulations to Sing you always get us singing when we're winning!


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