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Bingohideout: Scam Busters

  • 23 May 23
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Bingohideout: scam busters

Since the launch of online bingo, there has been an explosion of interest from the public, sparking an ever-increasing number of websites in response.

It is important to note that most of these sites are trustworthy businesses who take responsibility for their players seriously and hold their details securely; but since there are always new sites popping up, how can you tell which are safe and which are simply an excuse for credit card fraud?

If you are new to the wonderful world of free online bingo, figuring out which sites are safe and which aren’t can be daunting. Since most people are uneasy giving their card details over the Internet if they do not do so regularly, we want to help eliminate any cause for concern in the online bingo world.

So, Bingo Hideout have written this article in the hope that you can get ahead of the most prominent scams and feel confident enough in your choice of internet bingo to enjoy yourself instead of worrying.

Safety first

The golden rule of thumb is simply that you should never, ever give your card details to a site unless you are absolutely sure it is safe. Check online to see if the site has been reviewed anywhere; type in the site name to any search engine and you may find forum or blog threads that give you the opinions or experiences of the site first hand. This can be quite enlightening, and is always an excellent way to figure out what’s really going on with a site.

Know your geography

Another of the most important factors in understanding the nature of a new site is to check out where it is based. When a site is based offshore it is operating outside of UK law. The worst cases of bingo fraud seem to include these operations that entice players with huge jackpots and then create difficulties with making payouts to the players.

Frankly, since these sites are operating outside of UK law, there is not a lot you can do if you lose money to a site like this. It is always safest to stick with the big named sites who are currently working offshore to be safe.

Get in touch

At the bottom of the main page of any site should be clear contact details which should be reachable should you need to contact the site. If the site is based outside of the UK and you are unsure of them, try sending them an email and see if you get a reply.

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