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Bingoing mad? How to scale down your bingo budget and still have fun

  • 23 May 08
  • Written by admin

Whether you’re looking to save for your summer holiday or just want a little more put aside for Christmas it’s sensible to draw up a strategy of how much you want to spend on a monthly basis on your online bingo games rather than hoping against hope that a big win will sort out your finances.

Most sites ask you upon registration what your estimated expenditure will be so they can monitor any potential problem players before things get out of hand but if you’ve changed your initial amount, a simple call or email to the admin should help you re-arrange your set amount.

The best way to budget for your game is to consider how much you can spare after your standard monthly outgoings. Once you have a fixed amount in mind, you can assess which site will best help you stay within this limit.

Some sites such as Littlewoods Bingo offer games for as little as a penny and with sites such as Betfred offering games for as little as 5p there’s no need to pay £1 every game. Consider this when choosing which specials to play in the week.

Although it is true that there are better odds of winning in a smaller game, this does not mean you need to make up the difference in money spent between a special and a big game. Remember in all games the fewer cards you have the more likely you are to stay on top of the game.

Choosing which specials you play on will also help you to scale down your expenditure; sites such as Jackpot Joy host regular two-for-one offers and Castle Bingo offer players buy one get one free games every Monday. Research the free games on your site and compare to what other sites are offering. The competition in the world of online bingo is fierce at the moment and more and more sites are offering loyal players more for their money.

Making sure you have as many loyalty points as you are entitled to helps stretch the pennies too; check your site for additional offers such as completed profiles which can win you points. Most sites exchange points for cards, but always make sure you don’t have any points left in your account in your rush to cash them in as they may well disappear. Check your site for LP details.

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