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Candis Bingo launches – watching paint dry springs to mind

  • 05 May 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Candis BingoCandis Bingo launches and we have to say it has arrived just as we thought that there could not possibly be any more new online bingo sites.  Hot on the heels of the other newbie, Red Bus Bingo the two sites could not be further away from each other on the spectrum of online bingo.  Red Bus Bingo is clearly aimed at the young market with the almost pre-school graphics, whereas the Candis Bingo site is aimed at the middle aged mumsy type whose idea of excitement is whipping up a tray of delicious muffins and popping on an Enya CD to do the cleaning.  Not of course that there is anything really wrong with either new bingo site just that they lack a certain excitement and that is most certainly what we are all seeking now.

Give us something to get our online bingo teeth in!

Up and down the online bingo country you can almost feel the vibe, why can’t we have another Foxy Bingo,Tombola or Cheeky Bingo.  Down with the drab and the unimaginative, lets get something to really stir the online bingo pot to get the lads and lasses clamouring to play a new funky site’s latest hot to trot online bingo games.  Tasty Bingo though sporting the same software is a standalone and as such is as close as you are going to get to unique, with a lively site, good website design and some interesting  promotions – Tasty Man promo being one (though maybe a little too targeted to the now out dated female only demographic).  What most of us are looking for is a new thrill, a reason to play online bingo everyday – and a lovely big jackpot will most certainly do it, but so will a great idea for a bingo site with some inspiring graphics and top promotions. Candis Bingo with its bog standard white label Dragonfish software and Cassava Enterprises free 1,000 BPs (£1) for joining and its tawdry 1960’s style knitting pattern homepage graphics is just not likely to cut the mustard with today’s discerning online bingo players.

Cold custard or lean meat?

Even the signing up for an online bingo account with Candis Bingo leaves you as cold as yesterdays refrigerated custard, and lets face it this is where you carry on to play.  If you die of boredom before you sign on the dotted line will you ever be around to log in again? Sorry Candis Bingo, nice try and for readers of your mag you might just make a go of it but for our money your report card reads ‘5/10 could try harder!’ Of course one woman’s meat is another woman’s muffins, so if it is up your street then enjoy!

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