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How playing bingo can brighten up your working day too

  • 07 Jul 09
  • Written by admin

Bingo on the Box

We all love bingo. Of that there’s really no doubt, and if you enjoy a flutter at your local hall as well as a session online, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s fantastic that bingo is now spreading its wings further giving fans the chance to play wherever they are?

Where’s best to play?

The wonders of technology have not only brought us a huge choice of online bingo sites which could rival that of most countries, but we in the UK are lucky enough to have bingo TV too. With sites such as Gala Bingo and Bingo on the Box hosting live TV games in addition to the many games they already host onsite, there is already a huge choice when it comes to how and indeed when you play. There is of course one other means of play which is catching on faster than you might think; mobile bingo.

How’s best to play?

There are already a few sites which offer this choice of gaming platform and these are usually available through an existing account you have on with their site already. With sites such as Gala Bingo and Gone Bingo giving you in effect the freedom to play on the bus or train home from work, playing mobile bingo is a brilliant means of getting your bingo fix as well as making the journey home immensely more entertaining!

How bingo can get you through the day

As players of mobile bingo will already know, the main restriction with this format at the moment is that it is in the main only available on touch screen mobiles such as the iphone. Since we haven’t all caught up with this latest gadgetry trend however, it may be a while till we’re all playing away on our mobiles but it’s sure to say that the take up is huge among owners of the iphone.

When you do get the most sought after phone around though, it’s worth noting that there’s a fun application available through iTunes games. B-Bingo is an amusing version of the great game which will brighten up any boring meeting, and may even help to keep you awake (though we can’t promise). This application sets up a card with business jargon words to listen out for while the meeting is in progress. So, if you’re only too familiar with the battle to stay awake during conferences and love online bingo, this application may indeed prove a win-win product for you.


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