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How strong is your site’s sense of community spirit?

  • 09 Aug 08
  • Written by admin

Community spirit

There are many ways in which an online bingo site can promote a strong community of players on its site, though some are better at this crucial aspect of roomie fun than others.

With online bingo being such a popular pastime with UK players, the choice of sites is always growing so your choice of site to play on can change according to offers, games and how your fellow roomies respond to you.

There are many reasons why playing bingo online has become so popular but it’s the live chat that most players cite as being their favourite feature of the game. Given the impact this interactivity between players has on player retention it is in the best interest of any site to promote further interaction between players outside of the game too. This can take the form of a message board, forum, or, in the case of foxybingo.com, a live radio show that players can listen and respond to.

Players like exploring new ways to get to know each other and while player galleries are an excellent means of putting a face to a name, features which promote closeness between players by adding another dimension to this familiarity such as those demonstrated by Game Village Bingo (street scenarios where you move in and become friends with your neighbours) and Bingo Café (3D avatars of each player move around the space and chat to each other) are very appealing to roomies who are looking to form strong friendships.

These are just a few examples of how you can make your time playing online bingo more enjoyable; to make sure you are getting what you want from your site, check out our directory and see what community features are on offer. After all, choosing a site that gives you more ways to meet others can boost your gaming experience and your enjoyment of the game!

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