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How to Become an Online Bingo Chat Host

  • 08 Sep 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

bingo ballsAre you curious to know more about what an online bingo chat host does and what their job description involves? Perhaps, you’re a bingo fan who thinks it looks like an easy job, or you want to find out how you could go about becoming a CH yourself? If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then let us enlighten you with today’s article.

What does an online bingo chat host do?

Chat hosts (or moderators) are the helpful folk that hang out in the online bingo chat rooms, and can often be seen sending you a friendly greeting or farewell as you come and go between rooms. They also congratulate players on wins, and keep an element of excitement in the air both during and between games.

The role can be a pretty busy one, as not only does your host need to make players feel welcome, but he or she is responsible for remembering regular players and enquiring about their lives, running chat games, announcing winners and upcoming games/competitions, answering questions and resolving issues that are raised by roomies, and generally making sure everything runs smoothly. On top of that, it’s their job to keep any trolls out and arguments to a minimum. Pretty busy, eh? Quite often, they’ll be online for many hours at a time, tirelessly slaving away whilst maintaining a happy and perky persona. In reality, they’re probably dog-tired by the end of each session, hungry, and desperate for the loo! Some online bingo sites (Bingocams, in particular) deliver their chat hosts right to your computer screen via webcams. In this instance, your CM not only has to entertain you with their helpful and witty banter, but they need to physically interact with you, perform dares, wear silly costumes, etc. Imagine not being able to yawn or roll your eyes when someone asks a particularly trying question!

What types of people make good chat hosts?

Suddenly, it’s not looking like such an easy job at all, is it? However, ask most CH’s and they’ll tell you that they love their job. It’s a great profession for people who need or want to work part-time, or prefer doing shift-work, and if you love nothing better than a good old natter, it could be the perfect role for you! A love of people and a big crush on bingo and you’re almost there. So, how do you go about applying to be a chat host? It’s not a job you tend to come across on Gumtree or in the Jobs ads in your daily newspaper after all…

Well, for starters, what kind of characteristics best suit a CH? If you’re a retiring wallflower, then it’s probably not the ideal job for you, although there are plenty of other bingo-related roles that are carried out behind the scenes. It helps if you’ve got a bright and bubbly personality, are level-headed, not easily irked, and can remain impartial and able to resolve disputes. You won’t be allowed to play bingo yourself whilst you’re moderating, so if you love playing for hours on end, you’ll need to play in your own time. You need to be able to think on your feet and escalate issues to management/customer service reps that you can’t deal with yourself. You’ll also need to be capable of multi-tasking (no typing the wrong message in the wrong chatroom) and able to explain yourself clearly. Probably most important of all is the ability to make your roomies laugh; whilst a great sense of humour obviously helps enormously, if you truly love the game and its players, they’ll sense if you’re enjoying yourself or not, and a happy attitude can be infectious.

How can I apply to be a chat host?

If, after reading all of this, you’re more serious than ever about becoming a chat host, a good way to start is by messaging your favourite CH at your site of choice. They will generally be more than happy to give you some pointers, and advise you if they know of any current vacancies, although it’s best not to appear rude by asking what they get paid! There are also dedicated websites which list CH vacancies; just search Google for “chat moderator jobs” or “chat host jobs” and you should find one easily enough. You could also try directly contacting online bingo sites that you like the look of to ask if they are hiring. Even if they don’t have anything going at the time, they may well be happy to take down your details and get back to you should a suitable opportunity arise. Many sites have a page dedicated to CM profiles, where you can go and see how they came about getting into the business. You’d be surprised at how many different walks of life they come from, and the difference in ages between them.

Good luck with your search, and be sure to let us know if your dreams of becoming an online bingo chat host come true!

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