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How to choose your lucky number

  • 04 Apr 08
  • Written by admin

Lucky numbersThere are many theories and reasons behind why people have chosen lucky numbers to
play Internet bingo with. Most people use numbers relating to their own birthday or perhaps
the birth date of their child, but there are many ways of finding your own special number.

Useful as a means of divination, the ancient traditions of Numerology both charts and emphasises the traditions on the digits that make up your birth date and or your birth name. Using formulas that have remained unchanged for centuries, Numerology will reduce your personal equation to one single digit.

According to this theory this single number can be used to determine your life path, understand your personality and place in the world, or as your personal lucky number. This is how numerology can apply to the world of online
. There are many chat games where you can decide a number before the calling begins in order to win bonus points or prizes, so why not use your lucky number in chat and see how it works out for you?

Each of the 12 months in the Astrological calendar has its own numerical traditions too, which are said to determine personality and luck. The relationship that Astrology has with bingo is an interesting one. Often found on Internet bingo sites large or small, members are invited to see what the stars have determined for their future game play. Sites such as Free Bingo UK have a monthly bingo prediction set up for players found under their horoscope section.
This section also includes indications of lucky colours so players can even choose the right dauber to help them win.

Of course having just eleven or twelve numbers to choose from does limit the scope of your game; after all with 90-ball being the most popular of all the current bingo games, these numbers only cover a small section of the card.
So how else to choose your personal numbers?

There are many sites that profess to give you your own set of numbers, but the quickest and simplest we’ve yet to come across at Bingo Hideout is at astrology.com. Simply click on the generator and the machine will work its magic giving you six lucky numbers to play with. You can take a spin as often as you like and use a combination of numbers or just as they’re given to try your luck today.

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