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Interactive Learning Games

  • 16 Sep 22
  • Written by Tom Thorns

Any parent or teacher will tell you that kids learn best through a combination of repetition and interaction. Repeating the same information over and over again, whether it is multiplication tables, spelling words, historic dates, and so on, gets the information firmly planted in a child’s brain. Interactive exercises where children can respond to a person or program that responds in return are also extremely helpful, especially when an interactive activity is a game. Games can make learning most any subject fun, and there are thousands of online, interactive learning games available for children of all ages and even their adult teachers.

1. ABC Learning Time — website with games for young children designed to help them learn to write letters, numbers, and more

2. Activity Pad Interactive Games — interactive, online learning games to help children learn vocabulary, spelling, math, and other subjects

3. Alfy Learning Games — interactive learning games designed particularly for young children

4. Do to Learn — good learning games, especially for those with disabilities

5. Engaging Science Games — Roly J. Robot guides kids through many different online science games

6. ESL Kid Stuff — several games for ESL students

7. Fisher-Price Online Learning Games — free online games designed for infants through pre-K aged children

8. FunBrain Games — site specializing in learning games for grades K–8

9. Gamequarium — great site featuring different games for pre-K through sixth grade and science games for K–12

10. History/Social Studies Games — Social Studies games designed mainly for elementary school students

11. I Know That Games — free registration required for these games about math, social studies, science, and other subjects

12. Immune Attack — downloadable, interactive game for high school students on the human immune system

13. Interactive History Games — UK-based site with interactive history games, some of which are customizable

14. Kaboose Preschool Games — preschoolers will love these many learning games

15. Kids Past History Games — all manner of online games centered around history

16. Kidz Page Games — fun word games, math games, and more

17. Kindergarten Games — fantastic games for helping kids develop fine motor skills, knowledge of shapes, and other things

18. Knowledge Adventure — learning games for elementary school students

19. Learning Games for Kids — interactive games designed especially for elementary schoolchildren

20. Learning Planet — website that has learning games for all ages

21. Learning Vocabulary Fun — fantastic interactive games about, you guessed it, vocabulary

22. National Geographic Kids Games — National Geographic Kids magazine offers games and other fun learning activities

23. Online Science Games — fun online science games for students in grades K–12

24. PBS Kids Dub Cubs — word sound games designed for preschool kids

25. Play Kids Games — geography games, memory games, vocabulary games, and much more

26. Preschool Learning Online — several educational games designed explicitly for preschoolers

27. Primary Games — learning game site with features for students, parents, and teachers

28. The Problem Site — interactive learning games for all ages on many different topics

29. ProProfs: Brain Games — great page containing tons of word, math, and other learning games

30. Quiz Hub — games for K-12 featuring the subjects of history, vocabulary, and others

31. Science Monster — games and other activities related to science for grades 2–5

32. Sheppard Software Games — free games on subjects including chemistry, arithmetic, and others

33. Space Place — science games focusing on outer space from NASA

34. Teachnology — scroll down past the ads to find some great learning games for money, trivia, and other topics

35. Words and Spellings — dozens of great word and spelling games

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