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Online Bingo Becomes the New Going Out As Credit Crunch Bites

  • 22 Apr 09
  • Written by Tom Thorns

With pubs and clubs suffering in the credit crunch a major new survey reveals growing demand for
online bingo and the social life it offers

April 2009 – The economic gloom may be forcing people to cut back on nights out, but their social
lives are on the up, with the online bingo chat rooms seeing friendships being made, love flourishing
and even new jobs being found according to a major new survey from Bingo Hideout.

The survey, which questioned over 2,000 online bingo players, revealed that three quarters of players
regularly use the bingo chat rooms and 50% said they have made new friends through the sites, as well
as players finding romance, long lost relatives, and even new jobs – underlining the social experience
now available from the comfort of home.

Over one third of the survey respondents said that playing online bingo had actually made an
improvement to their lives. Making new friends; stopping loneliness; increasing confidence;
providing a social life; sharing problems; help through an illness; and reducing shyness were all
highlighted as key benefits players had enjoyed.

Ben Thorns, director of Bingo Hideout, says: “The popularity of online bingo has grown immensely
over the last 12 – 15 months. People may not be able to afford to go out, but they still want to
catch up on gossip and meet new friends, and the bingo sites give them the perfect opportunity to
‘go out’ and socialise whenever they choose. The survey results show just what an impact these
chat rooms are having on people’s lives, from starting new relationships to creating new support

The survey also asked about the highlights players had experienced through using the chat rooms –
one player is now godmother to a bingo friend’s child; a number had been helped through depression;
some are housebound for much of the time so get an opportunity to make friends; and others
highlighted big wins that helped ease their finances.

While more women than men play online bingo, nearly 1 in 5 of the respondents were male, underlining
the widening popularity of the game and its social side. For both sexes the game is most popular
with the 36 – 45 age group, but for men this is followed by the 26 – 35 age group, while for women
it’s the 46 – 55 age group.

Women are also more likely to play every day, while men prefer to log on a couple of times a week,
and while women are more likely to use the chat rooms, 53% of men say they regularly use them with
a third saying they have made new friends and some even finding girlfriends.

Ben adds: “The social side of online bingo is one of the main attractions, alongside the chance to
win money. But it is the friendship and support elements that really make online bingo players a
strong community and that is what is boosting its popularity in the current climate. People find
friends, advice and more through the sites, and these are incredibly important.”

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