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Alex Reid wins Celebrity Big Brother by bit of a landslide

  • 31 Jan 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Katie Price & Alex ReidAlex Reid is the man of the moment as he is crowned Celebrity Big Brother 2010 winner as the show finally reached its exciting conclusion and the Bingo Hideout team are not at all surprised at the final result.  Like many people in the UK, the guys in the Bingo Hideout office initially thought the Vinnie Jones would be the most likely to win, but as the show developed things certainly changed.  It was with complete disinterest that we initially watched the eventual winner, Alex Reid enter the Big Brother House. Now however, the Bingo Hideout girls believe that the best man did in the end win.

Katie when you have finished with Alex ……

So why did we all have a complete lack of interest in Alex at the beginning? Well really for no other reason than we believed him to be cashing in on his association with Katie Price, and maybe cruelly not believing him to be the brightest watt bulb nor having his own personality. However we have now had to backtrack as we have been completely taken by Alex’s wit, personality and undeniable charm – certainly in his mankini! It did seem at times that Alex actually had difficulty keeping his pants on, of course the Bingo Hideout girls would never complain if the well sculpted cage fighter wanted to bare all, after all he is pretty easy on the eye.

The final four a positive guy fest

Friday saw the remaining members of the BB house each get their marching orders one by one.  Jonas (Basshunter) managed to hold out for fourth place with hard man Vinnie Jones reaching third placing.  When it came to the last two celebrities, few could have predicted at the start of Celebrity Big Brother that the final would feature two of Katie Price’s men, one a current lover and one a former.  Dane Bowers and Alex Reid formed an unlikely friendship, and although Katie Price was originally believed to be a reason why the two would not get on, this proved not to be the case.

There are reports now that Katie Price is hoping to marry (the now very popular) Alex Reid, and some sceptics are saying this is very much a premeditated move by Price and one that will no doubt boost her popularity and career. Of course regular Buzz readers will remember our article at the beginning of December when we questioned whether the romance was on or off.  Gossip in the tabloids seems to hint that Katie Price is considering making a calculated move to enhance her public appeal which has taken a bit of a back step since her very public split with Peter Andre. She is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying after hearing of his win “He’s the love of my life”, so it seems that there could possibly be something in this theory. What do our Bingo Hideout readers think, is this a publicity stunt by the media hungry Katie Price or a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder?

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