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Bingo Hideout are keen to know Katie and Alex, on or off?

  • 07 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Price & ReidWe are sure Bingo Hideout readers are feeling like us and wondering what the heck is going on with the whole Katie Price and Alex Reid romance.  Is it off or on?  Katie Price very publicly dumped her cross dressing cage fighter boyfriend on the reality TV show, I’m a Celebrity get me out of Here. Talking to Ant and Dec after she had quit the jungle Katie said about her relationship with Alex Reid “I just realised I wanted to be on my own, I don’t need a relationship. I hope we can remain friends”.  The pair pressed her to be a bit more explicit in her intentions and she replied “I’m not with him”.

Alex Reid for his part had flown half way across the world to propose to his then girlfriend only to receive the big heave-ho instead.  Now it would seem, if the reports published on various websites and in the tabloids is correct, the pair have had a reconciliation and now Price is sporting his ring as a sign of their engagement. The news might not be quite so rosy for Reid as friends of the glamour model are saying that she is only with him to stop him going to the press with their story and intimate details of their relationship.
If this was the case then this would be an excellent basis for a marriage – hint of irony! There are also stories of Price getting drunk and bombarding ex Peter Andre with calls begging him to take her back, and his response to her that it will never happen.  So maybe her reconciliation with Reid is in retaliation for Andre’s rejection.

It really is difficult to know what is the truth as there are so many conflicting stories, one recent article featured in the glossy mag ‘Now’ states that Peter Andre was feeling sorry for her after her stint in the jungle and a source close to him had stated that “His heart went out to her because she’s been through hell” and there was every possibility that the two could possibly rekindle their romance. Readers of Bingo Hideout’s The Buzz will remember our article regarding Katie Price’s grand entrance to the I’m a Celebrity camp, which seemed to be engineered with the specific intention of taking the limelight away from her ex-husband Peter Andre.

So what do Bingo Hideout readers think, is the relationship with Reid on or off?  Which guy is Katie Price with, if either? Do you believe this is just Katie’s way of getting her face back in the tabloids again? We would love to hear what our lovely Bingo Hideout and The Buzz readers think.

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