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Bingo Hideout asks is it true, I’m a Celebrity will sink to Jedward?

  • 24 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

John and EdwardThe guys in the Bingo Hideout office are gobsmacked that now Katie Price has left I’m a Celebrity get me out of here, that there is a rumour that ITV are hoping to replace her with Jedward.  The dire duo, John and Edward are apparently being courted by the bosses at ITV and have Louis Walsh negotiating on their behalf.  There is a reported offer of £50 grand a piece now on the table and Jedward’s ex-mentor is trying to get ITV to up the bid, to what he believes to be a more realistic figure.  Clearly ITV believe Katie Price will be much missed by the public and now need extra fodder to bug munch in her place.

The news originally reported in The Sun hasn’t been officially confirmed as yet by the I’m A Celebrity team, but if the Sun is correct then the boys have till 5.30pm today to make their decision.  John and Edward are it seems, to be guaranteed a bright future after their ‘success’ on the laughingly called talent show X Factor. A bright future for the viewing public however is not quite so likely as it now looks like these pair of wooden warblers will be given as much air time as possible over at least the next few months.

Bingo Hideout therefore wants to ask you the readers for your opinion on recent events on the X Factor and I’m a Celebrity, our articles about the shock exit of Jedward and then Jordan may be misreading the situation and the viewing public’s feelings.  Do Bingo Hideout readers think that a generation of people fed on fast food, and the equivalent of fast food TV, where talent apparently counts for nothing are now causing the rest of the British public to endure such banal and unappealing tripe? Or do you think that stars like Katie Price and the newbies John and Edward bring some much need excitement and a ‘real’ person perspective to an otherwise boring TV schedule?  Let me know what you think …… I know what camp I am in!

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