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Bingo Hideout asks is Robbie Williams off the market?

  • 27 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Robbie engaged?There was a little doom and gloom emanating from certain desks in the Bingo Hideout offices this morning, and Bingo Hideout’s The Buzz readers might well ask why the downy mouths? What terrible news could have made the Bingo Hideout girlies be so sad on a Friday morning with the weekend ahead?  Well the terrible news that had reached Bingo Hideout HQ which had got the girls in a spin was that our favourite sex god and chunk of hunk Robbie Williams had announced his engagement to girlfriend Ayda Field. The news was all over the internet that Williams had proposed to Ms Field live on Australian radio, meaning the girls in the Bingo Hideout office were never likely to fulfil their dreams of becoming the next Mrs Robbie Williams (delusional some might say!).

Regular readers of Bingo Hideout will remember our recent article about Robbie and the pop video that showed him soaking ‘naked’ in an outside tub, unfortunately seeing Robbie again like that has caused the girls in the office to get in even more of a Robbie frenzy than usual. Well the Bingo Hideout girls can all cheer up, because although the story did have an element of truth, it appears that notorious joker Robbie was actually having a laugh and there was no real proposal.  Luckily for all the many female fans around the world it was just a joke that has been taken out of context by the worlds media. Reuters have reported that a spokesperson for Robbie has denied that he is engaged stating “He did say it, but in a jocular manner”.

Sadly for the boyfriends and husbands of the Bingo Hideout female staff they need to realise that their time being the other half of one the ladies in the office might soon be up, as they still might be ‘kicked to the kerb’ in favour of a rock god superstar.  Of course this is when Robbie actually realises that Bingo Hideout is where his future wife is actually working , after which he just needs to decide which of the lovely girls is the lucky lady (Shoots hand up in the air ………Me, Me, Me, Me!).  Sadly though for the soon to be ex-girlfriend of Robbie, the delightful Ms Field we pass on our commiserations! Should Robbie be reading this article then he need know that marriage doesn’t have to be on the cards, that I would on behalf of women everywhere sacrifice myself to a lifetime of girlfriend status so that he can still enjoy his ‘single man’ tag.

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