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Bingo Hideout asks, is the UK really the ugliest nation?

  • 18 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

shallowpeople.comBingo Hideout’s The Buzz are shocked and appalled that UK citizens have been described as the ugliest people in the world by a Danish dating website called Beautifulpeople.com.  The reason that the people behind the site have described the whole of the British nation as being ugly is because only really good looking people can remain listed on their dating site.  Other members vote on whether new applicants are attractive enough to remain on the site, and unfortunately the number of Brits being voted off, the laughingly described ‘Elite dating agency’ is far higher than any other of the other nation’s applicants. The most successful at remaining on the site are Swedish men with 65% acceptance and Norwegian women with 76%.

Of course who are Bingo Hideout to say that Beautifulpeople.com are wrong, the evidence speaks for itself, or does it?  Maybe the answer is simple that British people who are good looking and comfortable in their own skin don’t need to resort to signing up to a European website to find love preferring to do it the old fashioned way, by meeting people, talking to them and getting to know them first.  Desperation then maybe with the ‘good looking’ people in Denmark who maybe don’t know how to socialise, how to make friends without the use of a keyboard and a mouse and who spend every waking minute on the internet looking for the company of the opposite sex – who incidentally are also probably as shallow as they are and judge a book purely by it’s cover.

We here in good old Blighty and of course in the Bingo Hideout offices know full well that looks are not everything .  If you liken the self-indulgent ‘beautiful people’ who frequent the rather narcissistic site mentioned above to a Christmas present, then they may well be the prettiest package under the Christmas tree but each one has most likely a few cheap, tacky and rather thoughtless trinkets inside (take the hint Beautifulpeople.com), and yet the ‘ugly’ Brits  maybe rather tatty dog eared packages in comparison, yet each one however hides within it’s wrapping a whole lot of real diamonds! What do you think Bingo Hideout readers, are you as enraged as we are in the office?  Tell us what you think of being labelled as the ugliest nation in the world – how very dare they!

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