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Bingo Hideout believes Eastenders is a soap, what about you?

  • 08 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

EastendersWhat do Bingo Hideout readers think of the Eastenders current storyline, the complex plot by Archie Mitchell to engineer the downfall of the Mitchell family?  If the Telegraph is to be believed then the story line in the popular soap Eastenders is less about popular entertainment and more a complex metaphor that describes the global financial crisis that faces the world today.  The characters in the soap such as Phil, Ian and of course villainous Archie, being representations of the key players in the global financial meltdown such as hedge fund managers, bankers and of course the long suffering tax payer. Poppycock and bunkum or a clever insight into the soap writers minds?

The thing is with art critics, highbrow newspapers and academic experts in television shows is that they try to read too much into the simple things in life, one classic example of this is Tracey Emin’s now famous unmade bed that received critical acclaim. The unmade bed in question entitled ‘My Bed’ complete with dirty sheets, underwear, empty alcohol bottles and cigarette ends is gushingly described by the Saatchi Gallery as a ‘candid exploration of universal emotions’ and of the artists intention on displaying said bed the Saatchi Gallery states ‘Tracey Emin shares her most personal space, revealing she’s as insecure and imperfect as the rest of the world’. To the rest of the gang in the Bingo Hideout office, it showed the work of an art student who couldn’t be bothered to hand in her coursework so picked up the whole contents of her bedroom and presented it to the art world as her major work. Does that make the Bingo Hideout team boorish philistines?

Is the article in the Telegraph correct, can we really read anything more into something as simple as an unmade bed or a bit of relaxation in front of the TV watching our favourite soap each day? Is Eastenders being used as a clever vehicle by the writers to symbolise the juxtaposition of the ongoing struggle in the wake of the world financial crisis or is this just rhetorical nonsense? Come on Bingo Hideout readers are you with us that sometimes these ‘experts’ are like the tailors in the popular fairy story The Emperors new Clothes.   Me and the Bingo Hideout team are agreed we don’t give a flying fig if this is an ‘allegory of the credit crisis’, we just want to know if Archie is going to get the Vic! Bring back Grant that’s what we say – would that possibly be symbolic of the Conservatives returning to No.10?

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