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Bingo Hideout believes the Wonder Girls will take UK by storm

  • 10 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Wonder GirlsBingo Hideout predicts if you haven’t heard of the Wonder Girls yet then you soon will. This all girl group from South Korea have just taken the U.S by storm and the girls in the Bingo Hideout office believe that they will eventually make it big in the UK.  The five members in the Wonder Girls are cute and bubbly and provide an instant attraction to the viewer and listener reminiscent of the Spice Girls when they first bounced onto the pop scene.  The main difference is that the Wonder Girls appear charming and sweet and probably a lot less ‘street’ than the Spice Girls, this gives them an endearing quality that is bound to go down well with young girls and boys no matter where they live.

Bingo Hideout are even more convinced that these girls are destined for great things in the UK because not only have the Wonder Girls reached number one in the most searched words on google in the U.S. but they have also attracted attention from none other than Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics as well as touring with the Jonas Brothers.  The Wonder Girls new video for their U.S debut single ‘Nobody’ is a slick and polished product and clearly aimed squarely at the bubblegum market.  This is currently a market that is being seriously overlooked in the UK with five to 15’s being subjected to knicker wearing pole dancing singers as role models.  The likes of the Wonder Girls will be a great relief to mothers concerned abut their little angels cavorting about trying to copy a ‘booty’ dance in front of the TV.

The video for the single ‘Nobody’ is quite amusing and at the beginning viewers may think that they are watching the wrong song as a pretty average South Korean male singer is the first to perform, this is just the clever twist to the Wonder Girls pop video which is likely to have younger children giggling uncontrollably when they watch the ‘toilet humour’ that develops.

Check out the video if you can and remember you heard it at Bingo Hideout first …. the Wonder Girls are going to be global and if you don’t like the group when you check out Youtube then buy some ear plugs, because come the summer you are going to need them!


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