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Bingo Hideout can’t believe the ugliness of Beautiful People

  • 05 Jan 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Shallow PeopleThe ladies in the Bingo Hideout office are not big fans of the Danish dating site BeautifulPeople.com.  The reason for the lack of enthusiasm for BeautifulPeople as our regular readers will no doubt remember, is  the fact that they voted the UK the ugliest nation and the least likely to be accepted as members of their ‘elite dating agency’.  This made the team in the Bingo Hideout office buzz with anger way back in November of last year, so much so in fact that we dubbed the site ‘shallowpeople.com’, and although we all agreed we would file any further references to their site under ‘B’ for bin, the latest news from ShallowPeople.com has made our blood boil once again.

5,000 rejects were made to re-apply

Our article of November told how applicants from the UK were most likely to be rejected for being ugly, now the dating agency has added insult to injury.  A report on Sky News states that ShallowPeople.com has told 5,000 of their members that they must re-apply, because according to the ShallowPeople dating site they have let themselves go and put on some weight.  According to Sky News only a few hundred of the ex-members were actually allowed to renew their membership on re-application, the rest being rejected because they were no longer considered beautiful enough to be on the members list because they were amongst other things too fat.

Simon Weston has real beauty – more than skin deep

The Bingo Hideout girls hope that the ex-members of ShallowPeople have learned a valuable lesson from this exercise, and that they can now see how hurtful it is to be judged on looks alone.  Some of the most inspirational people in the UK maybe are not classic beauties but their dignity, inspiration and selfless actions makes them beautiful beyond compare inside.  The likes of Falklands veteran Simon Weston OBE, who despite suffering the most horrendous burns to his face in 1982 has worked tirelessly for charity and has become a patron for charities that help and support those with disfigurements. We have to say those at the ShallowPeople site don’t seem fit to lick Mr Weston’s very British shoes.

The MD of ShallowPeople said of the rejects “Remember this is the opinion of our members, who have the final and completely democratic vote on who is let in or cast out of their community.” It seems that those that were rejected were mostly from the UK, USA and Canada.  The girls in the Bingo Hideout office find it hard to believe that there would be 5,000 single people from these three countries small-minded enough to join such a superficial group! What say you, dear Bingo Hideout readers?

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