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Bingo Hideout debates on the Ronaldo / Beckham Armani story

  • 18 Jan 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Ronaldo Come on Bingo Hideout ladies which camp are you in with regards to Cristiano Ronaldo ’s latest panty (I say panty as the pictures of the footballer have a very feminine quality about them!)ads for Armani?  Ronaldo is a bit Marmite anyway (love it or hate it), and this particular lady is very much in the ‘not keen on Marmite’ department when it comes to Ronaldo.  The underwear adverts displayed in all their gory full frontal glory are covered in the Femail section of the Daily Mail with quite a harsh write up by Lydia Slater both of which have caused quite a stir from people posting comments.

Vastly enlarged …….. ego’s?

Predominately the women leaving their comments feel that Ronaldo has all the sex appeal of cold custard and I for one have to agree! In the photographs to promote Armani’s underwear range Ronaldo does his darnest to emulate David Beckham who also posed for the same underwear range back in 2007.  The pictures for both men have no doubt been tinkered with to enhance the size of their assets (you know what I mean ladies!), however Beckham overall is more in proportion than the rather pin headed Ronaldo. Have a look at the Daily Mail article and check out the differences for yourself.

Do you like a bit of Marmite or cold custard?

Of course there will be supporters of both men, those that love Ronaldo and those that adore Beckham, so come on Bingo Hideout readers let us know which is the man you prefer or maybe you believe that both men are equally distasteful.  There is no denying that both men are superstar footballers, and whether you are a supporter of their football teams or not most people can appreciate their talents on the pitch, but can we appreciate their talents in the buff?  I am not into cold custard myself so will say no to desert!

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