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Bingo Hideout girls excited to read possibility of Bridget Jones III

  • 21 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Renee Zellweger The Bingo Hideout office has been buzzing since hearing that Bridget Jones III may be made.  The girls in the office are all massive fans of Bridget Jones Diary, and so it was with much excitement that we read that producers are in negotiations for a third film based on the trials and tribulations of the popular thirty-something ‘singleton’.  It is hoped that Renee Zellweger will reprise her Bridget role, though according to some reports in the press there are possible issues regarding Zellweger’s need to gain weight to play the lead character that are hindering a new film being made.

Weighty issues?

Although Renee Zellweger’s representatives are claiming there is not a problem, there are stories on the internet claiming that the actress is refusing to gain weight for the role.  Recent pictures of the popular actress featured in the Mail show her looking stick thin at a Film Festival in Berlin, Germany and apparently this is where a possible issue could be, The claim is that Zellweger is demanding that the storyline be changed to incorporate her slimmer figure rather than gain massive amounts of weight as she has done in the past to play Bridget.  Renee Zellweger’s camp however, portray her as the perennial professional who will be true to character come what may – weight gain included. Whichever the Bingo Hideout girls really don’t care a jot if Bridget is scrawny or more of a normal size, just as long as she is back!

Lashings of Darcy for  the ladies!

For anyone who has been resident on another planet for the past 10 or so years, Bridget Jones has become almost an iconic best friend for many women who closely associate with the sometimes comic problems and chaotic situations that Bridget finds herself in.  On the flip side Bridget Jones is an antipathy to some feminists, who see the character created by novelist Helen Fielding as too dependent on men and on her own appearance.  Of course all of the girls in the Bingo Hideout office are not at all concerned about such things, we just want a huge chunk of our favourite chick flick heroine with a huge carton of popcorn at the cinema ………..and of course more glorious film footage of the gorgeous Colin Firth as Bridget’s love interest Mark Darcy ! Come on Bingo Hideout girlies are you with us?  What are you views on the prospect of another Bridget Jones movie?

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