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Bingo Hideout girls love Gino ‘I’m a Celebrity’ ex-burglar

  • 21 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gino D’AcampoThe girls in the Bingo Hideout Buzz office were really surprised to see that our favourite and also the bookies favourite to win the I’m a Celebrity show Gino D’Acampo, is in fact a fully fledged bad boy.  Not that the Bingo Hideout girls are that adverse to bad boys, in fact the writer regularly attracts them! Gino who now appears to be a reformed character was a bit of a bad lot in his younger days and in fact was once jailed for two years for burglary – and not just any burglary either, Gino actually managed to steal guitars and a platinum disc from the eighties heartthrob Paul Young (younger readers can see Mr Young singing in the old 80’s charity song ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’).

An article in the Daily Mail states that Gino was jailed for his crime when he was 21 a long time before his stint as a celebrity chef on the Ready Steady Cook programme.  Gorgeous Gino has not tried to hide his rather dodgy past in fact even mentions it on his website.  The fact is though that Gino D’Acampo learnt his lesson from his brush with the law and turned his life around, now he is a successful business man, TV chef and married father of two.  Bingo Hideout wonders if he has been cured of his interest in mediocre pop singers too!

There is a lot of talk on the internet that maybe if Gino has been given a second chance then maybe Katie Price deserves  a second chance by the public and the press, as she (as writers are saying) is not guilty of any crime.  The public have been continually voting for Katie Price to do the bush tucker trials on I’m a Celebrity since she entered the jungle, in fact four times in a row! What do you our lovely Bingo Hideout readers think, is everyone being too harsh on Katie Price? Bingo Hideout themselves have featured some pretty scathing articles about Katie Price too. Should Gino enjoy celebrity status (and Bingo Hideout writer adoration) as he is an ex burglar and jailbird? Would be really interested in your thoughts.

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