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Bingo Hideout love the Eastenders soap spoliers

  • 18 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Eastenders spoilersAll the gang in the Bingo Hideout office are great Eastenders fans, and all are still reeling from Bradley’s shocking death in the live episode of the popular TV soap a few weeks back.  In particular the Bingo Hideout girlies were all kind of hoping that some good things would start to happen for the characters in Eastenders, to bring some much needed spring sunshine into our very dull lives.  However after seeing some gossip about recent story lines coming up we can say this is probably not going to happen. Whether you like the soap spoilers or not, sometimes they are difficult to resist – a bit like having a loose tooth you have to wobble.  After all didn’t we all search google trying to find out who was guilty of killing nasty Archie Mitchell?

Who’s the Daddy storyline – again!

On the horizon, of course we are going to get an overdose of Mitchell dramas with the screeching of Roxy and Ronnie likely to reach fever pitch with their ongoing feud.  In addition to this there is the mystery of the child that Ronnie has befriended, and whose identity has not yet been revealed but if the spoilers are correct then Phil is the likely candidate for being ‘the daddy!’.  Sharp faced crone, Shirley believes that Phil is going to propose and as usual she is going to be disappointed.  This unlikely romance hopefully will then be destined to the soap garbage bin where it belongs hopefully along with the ridiculous baby making exercise between Heather and Darren Miller – an unlikelier pairing the soap couldn’t possibly have made, see our earlier article on the subject of yet another duff-duff.

More doom and gloom for the Beale family, as Lucy is also going to be the subject of continued Eastenders storylines with her pregnancy possibly ending in abortion.  We don’t believe this will go down too well with Jane as she is so desperate for a baby.

In our dreams (or nightmares) Mo and Charlie get it on

What all the team in the Bingo Hideout office are hoping for is a bit of pre-summer fun, let the comic talents of Mo Harris have an airing.  Maybe she could have a new romance with someone on the square.  To add a little bit of controversy why not have Mo jumping in to the sack with her Son-in-law Charlie – after all if anyone could do with a good seeing to it is Charlie Slater! Side note to the Eastenders Producers: please do not show these two actually kissing or getting naked as we will have eaten our tea.  Innuendo is what we are after!

Also while we have the Eastenders producers ear, Bingo Hideout has another question – and if anyone can help please do tell.  Never mind where is Stacey, we want to know where is Gumbo!

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