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Bingo Hideout reports Mr Squiggles may be a devil in disguise

  • 07 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mr Carcinogenic?Bingo Hideout recently brought news of the latest Christmas ‘must have’ gift for kids this year, the Go Go Hamster.  This is the Christmas toy that parents up and down the country are hunting for and are having great trouble sourcing …. well mums and dads you can calm down if you haven’t yet managed to find this toy because if stories are correct in the news then you may just have saved your little angels from a pretty miserable Christmas.  A breaking news story has said that there might be something quite sinister hidden within the fur of the interactive hamster toy.

The shocking news story regarding the Go Go Hamster has just broken in the last few hours on the internet with articles claiming that the popular christmas toys can have traces of poisonous chemicals some of which reportedly can cause sickness and nausea and some alarming stories have mentioned the toys possessing carcinogenic properties, as well as.  The allegation also published in the Times today states that a consumer website in the States GoodGuide has analysed samples of the Mr Squiggles Go Go Hamster toy and have found that in some instances there are up to 106 parts per million of a chemical called Antimony on the nose and 93 parts per million on the fur body.  This is in excess of the recommended level of no more than 60 parts per million.

The GoodGuide is asking the manufacturer to recall the problem toys however the manufacturers and the UK and US distributors are stating that the toys are completely safe. A quote in the Times by Jon Diver of Character Options states “The pets are tested in independent accredited laboratories during the manufacture and again before shipment through our own internal diligence programme. Their safety has always been ratified.”  It should be noted that the GoodGuide did not test the Go Go Hamster toys using the ‘soluble’ test that are approved by the Government, therefore the results should be considered with this factor taken into consideration.

Bingo Hideout recently told of all the commotion that these cute little hamsters are generating and how they are being sold on ebay for sums up to £295 for a full set with accessories.  Parents who have been unable to afford the Go Go Hamster toys may now feel that something with less of a question mark (and price tag) will be a better option this Christmas. Bingo Hideout will keep readers posted as to any developments with this story.  In the meantime if you have purchased a Go Go Hamster please let us know what your thoughts are, do you think this is a lot of fuss about nothing?  Will you be returning Mr Squiggles  to the shop where you purchased it?

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