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Bingo Hideout reports on New Year, new you & Japan’s anti-fat laws!

  • 30 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Japan's anti fat lawThe ladies and gents in the Bingo Hideout office are still recovering from the pre-Christmas scrum at the supermarket,  diets forgotten as we gathered up those ‘essential’ holiday supplies of turkey, stuffing, pigs in bankets, Quality Street, boozy double cream etc in the much anticipated seasonal shopping frenzy. Fast forward two or three days later to Boxing Day, and the results of the marathon shopping expedition can be seen as partners lie comatose in armchairs with heavily expanded waistlines (top button of jeans loosened) and cupboards slightly less crammed full.

Never mind stuffing the turkey it’s our faces we stuff the most

Yes dear Bingo Hideout readers, Christmas face stuffing has been in full force and after Christmas almost the whole nation then goes into a complete reverse of the pre-Christmas rituals by making New Years resolutions affirming their abstinence of all excesses for the rest of the year.  Gym memberships go up, sales of sports gear increases, including running machines (what is wrong with running around the block for free that’s what I say!) and cupboards and freezers are ceremoniously cleared of all temptations, kitted out instead with rice cakes and weight watchers meals as we all embark on the annual mass diet.

Japan’s new fat laws put waistlines under the spotlight

Spare a thought then for residents of Japan who have a ‘government imposed waistline standard’ thrust upon them of a meagre 33.5” for men and 35.4” for women, well that is if a recent article published in the Global Post is to be believed.  The article written by David Nakamura (apparently a well respected and award winning writer for the Washington Post), goes on to state that due to new draconian laws introduced in Japan, employers are being ordered by the Government to reduce the numbers of employees who are considered over weight by 10% by 2012 and 25% by 2015.  This has resulted in enforced waistline measurements, employers offering special deals to employees who take out gym memberships and providing diet sheets and counselling to overweight employees.

The aim of the new “metabo law” according to the Global Post is ‘to save money by heading off health risks related to obesity’. Companies who fail to meet targets could be faced with stiff financial penalties.  The team in the Bingo Hideout office are a little concerned that the powers that be here at the Hideout might take a leaf out of the Japanese book and start measuring our waistlines to save undue wear and tear on the office furniture.  With this in mind we have hidden all rulers and tape measures and have all taken to wearing tracksuits to the office to give a sporty impression just to be on the safe side!

P.S. The picture is of Charlotte at her ballet class – tee-hee!


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