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Bingo Hideout reveals breaking US news,Tiger and wife to divorce?

  • 18 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Tiger and wife ElinOk so the guys in Bingo Hideout’s The Buzz office said that we wouldn’t continue with the whole Tiger Woods stories but unfortunately we have been forced to go back on our word.  The reason we have reneged on our agreement to our Bingo Hideout readers is because of the breaking news stories in America that Elin Nordegen is planning to file for divorce in the New Year.  Insiders are stating that Tiger’s wife plans to start the divorce proceeding in California rather than in Florida as she would receive a better alimony payment with a 50 / 50 split possible.

Tiger has his own Annus Horribilis

Tiger Woods is said to be trying hard to build bridges with his estranged wife, though how successful that will be now remains to be seen.  Certainly any likelihood of a reconciliation seems to be more and more doubtful, even more so now that divorce is being spoken of and of course the fact that the list of women coming forward claiming to have had affairs with the superstar golfer continues to grow. In the words of our Queen who once said in 1992 the previous year had been an  ‘annus horribilis’, the same can be said for Tiger Woods that 2009 will go down in his own history as a horrible year, with him making the leap from hero to zero in a matter of hours.

Elin, a woman of quiet dignity unlike some!

Bingo Hideout have written of the dramas that have been following Tiger Woods around like a bad smell, from his ‘peculiar’ car accident in the early hours of the morning on 27th November, the many ‘ladies’ who have come forward to claim affairs, the dramatic hospitalisation of his Mother-in-law and of his decision to quit golf.  It is sad that that the many women that the celebrity golfer is reputed to have slept with have not felt the need to keep some information back, if not to preserve his image then to help his poor wife get over the upset.  Lets hope the women who have come forward to the press claiming to have had affairs with the golf legend will not remain in his little black book and that he will have learnt a valuable lesson from this.  His wife has held a quiet dignity and said nothing to the media, these women have sold kiss and tell stories and appeared on TV and in the tabloids …… Bingo Hideout asks, which seems a better deal for a romantic partner now Tiger?

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