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Bingo Hideout reveals Go Go hamster toy, 2009 Christmas must have

  • 22 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

go go hamsterAs Christmas is just around the corner we thought Bingo Hideout readers might be interested to learn that a Go Go hamster is the top toy for 2009, they are the must have Christmas toy as requested by children visiting Santa up and down the country.  If you haven’t already managed to sneak a peak at the letter for Father Christmas then we can tell you now if you have a child between the ages of 4 and 10 then a Go Go hamster is likely to be at the top of the list. This year like all previous Christmases there are problems with sourcing this toy as parents stampede shops trying to ensure a smiley child on Christmas morning.

Each year of course parents struggle to locate their little darlings number one gift, often spending hours traipsing the streets hunting for an almost impossible to find toy, problems which we are sure Bingo Hideout readers have also experienced.  This year there are stories that the problems may be much worse than previous years, as it appears that toy stores have cut back on their usual orders to manufacturers because of the recession. This has left toys in short supply and the Go Go hamsters are therefore even more sought after than they would usually be.

So what is so special about a Go Go hamster? Bingo Hideout managed to get a look at one of these cute little interactive hamster toys and can’t really see what all the fuss is about but then we don’t go to primary school – unless of course we talk about the guys in the office who seem like they still belong there! But for little ones there magic is instantly revealed as these cute little creatures move around and make noises just like a real hamster.  There are four main characters Mr Squiggles, Num Num, Pipsqueak and Chunk, and each little hamster has its own unique personality with a range of accessories available and each one costs around £35 to £40 each.  Children may well ask for the full set of four which is bound to be even more of a headache for parents just hunting for one, and with a complete playset currently being advertised on ebay for £295, it shows how much esteem these little characters are held by children.

A little bird has told us that Amazon still have Go Go hamsters available and not at hugely inflate prices, but how much longer they will be in stock remains to be seen.  We would love to hear from Bingo hideout readers if they have any tales of experiences past or present of hunting for a popular Christmas toy, or any other funny Christmas tales to share with readers.

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