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Bingo Hideout reveals I’m a Celebrity Ex Factor battle?

  • 15 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Ex FactorBingo Hideout’s The Buzz believes with all the song and dance about the X Factor that we shouldn’t forget about the very dramatic  ’ Ex’ factor I’m a Celebrity battle that is also being waged at the moment between Peter Andre and Katie Price – or Jordan as she is more commonly known (and the common bit is pretty fitting).   Sporting more press column inches this weekend than the X Factor, the news that Peter Andre has decided to quit his TV reporting job in which he was to cover the ’I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here!’ television programme, just as Ex wife Price has been revealed as one of the celebrities going into the jungle this year, has come as a blow to TV bosses.

Peter Andre is quoted in the Daily Mail as believing it to be ‘improper’ to continue with his plans to be a behind the scenes reporter if Katie Price is now one of the celebrity contestants.  Other celebrities going into the jungle this year include former Eastenders star Lucy Benjamin, ex-glamour model Sam Fox, snooker champ Jimmy White and one time ladies man George Hamilton.

Andre has been the subject of a fly on the wall style documentary more recently, and the reality TV show has certainly shown the star in a much more dignified light than his ex-wife. In the ‘Going it Alone’ documentary the cameras follow Andre around as he tries to pick up the pieces after the dramatic break up of his marriage.  At times the show reveals the difficulty that Andre has trying to see his children and shows an altogether darker side to Katie Price’s personality, and certainly public sympathy is now seemingly very much in Andre’s corner.  The hard hitting series shows the struggle that Peter has as he tries to juggle the re-launch of his pop career whilst still maintaining a steady relationship with his two children with Price and his step son Harvey.

Team Andre is currently up and running in the Bingo Hideout office, not only because Peter is so fit but because seeing a guy cry with a  broken heart is just too much to bear.  Come on Pete, chin up the girls in the Bingo Hideout office are very happy to give you a cuddle to cheer you up! What do you think about Katie Price going into the jungle for a second time? Are you a Team Andre supporter or a Katie Price fan?  Come on Bingo Hideout readers let us know what you think about the Ex Factor!

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