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Bingo Hideout say RATM and McElderry No 1race is almost won

  • 20 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

RATM facebook campaignBingo Hideout music fans will be sitting close to their radios this evening in anticipation of the long awaited announcement of the UK Christmas No.1.  Will it be the highly predictable X Factor single by the latest young winner, Joe McElderry or the Rage Against The Machine anarchic anthem against the music industry big gun Simon Cowell?  There have been some pretty amazing names coming out in support of the RATM single Killing in the Name including Fern Cotton and reportedly Paul McCartney himself! Rage Against The Machine are pledging to put on a free UK concert in 2010 should the single top the UK chart this Christmas.

Joe McElderry track sales ahead at last count

We recently brought Bingo Hideout readers news of the battle for the Christmas No 1 slot which at the time had RATM in the lead, however after our article the ranking figures for Joe McElderry had edged ahead with around 10,000 more sales than RATM but obviously this position could now have changed.  Simon Cowell will be keeping a very watchful eye on proceedings and has already come out fighting with reports saying that he believes that there is a hate campaign against Joe which verges on bullying. Insiders have said that he believes that trying to lure buyers away from his young protege is “cynical” and “stupid”, however the founders of the facebook campaign started to draw attention to the Rage Against the Machine track have a very different story.  Simon Cowell has apparently spoken to Jon Morter on the phone to congratulate him for bringing a bit of spice into the race for the Christmas No.1, and stated that his record company have been forced to work really hard to try to beat the Rage Against the Machine song which has added a bit more excitement than usual.

Joe McElderry thinks RATM track is awful

Joe McElderry has finally heard the competitors Killing in the Name track and believes that it is awful and would score 0 out of a possible 10 if it had been on the X Factor. The big winner of course in the run up to the Christmas no.1 slot is Shelter who has had a massive amount of exposure and of course much needed donations as they are receiving a proportion of all money raised from the RATM track. The clock is certainly ticking now and a result is due in very soon we will keep all our Bingo Hideout readers posted of any developments.

*** News Update ***

Sky News are reporting that Rage Against the Machine are the Christmas UK No.1

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