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Bingo Hideout shocked at whirlwind wedding of Katie Price

  • 04 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

NewlywedsShocking news reached Bingo Hideout over the last few days regarding Katie Price aka Jordan and her quickie marriage in Las Vegas to on / off boyfriend Alex Reid.  Bingo Hideout readers will remember our story of the 1st February when we reported on Alex Reid winning the Celebrity Big Brother show.  The gossip then was that Price would marry the muscle bound cage fighter, with some reports saying that it would be a very much premeditated move to enhance her flagging popularity with the public.  Nothing however could have prepared us for the speed of which Ms Price has now wed Alex Reid.

Anyone want to buy a blurred picture in a strip club?

After all the run up and razzmatazz of her last outing into the world of short lived ‘wedded bliss’ we would have thought that Katie would maximise the opportunity to seal lucrative big cash magazine deals for the publishing rights to the pictures.  However Katie Price now seems to be negotiating with some big name magazines after the rushed wedding and the rather tacky honeymoon celebrations the pair enjoyed visiting strip clubs. Readers may remember our article in December when we reported on Price’s much publicised dumping of Alex Reid live on air after she left the I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here television show, little could anyone know then that within two months the pair would be man and wife.

Katie Price ties the knot in Las Vegas, Peter Andre in knots here

Some like the Mirror are even reporting that bets are on for an early split for the whirlwind marriage between the publicity hungry pair, which maybe for Peter Andre might be a blessing.  Peter Andre has been seen in a video clip talking to a Sky news reporter positively breaking his heart at the suggestion that he might lose his kids to Alex Reid if the cage fighter should apply to adopt them.  He quickly asserted that he would fight for his children and would do everything that he could to stop that happening.  Andre pulled the plug on the interview when he got too upset to continue talking, Kay Burley apologised to Peter Andre for upsetting him and tried to go on to talk about his album, but by that time Andre was just too emotional to continue. Team Andre very much in force still in the Bingo Hideout office, what about Bingo Hideout readers, are you now in team Price (or Reid as she will soon be known!) or with us in the Team Andre camp?

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