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Bingo Hideout speculates Kerry Katona suitable to play Katie Price?

  • 25 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Price aka JordanThe Bingo Hideout team are not surprised that Katie Price is back in the news once more.  This time if it’s not her new husband Alex Reid blabbing to a close friend that he now knows how poor Pete felt, then its media speculation of ‘Katie’ – the big buster movie of Katie aka Jordan’s shambolic life and many loves.  Katie Price has even been rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood A list elite at an Oscar’s party, where possibly she has been eyeing up possible candidates to take on such a challenging role.

Could the Queen appear on Big Brother?

The rumour mill about which actress will eventually play Katie Price in the movie based on her life and career is churning well.  There have been suggestions of Kate Winslet as a possible actress to play the part of the brash glamour model, though this has not been confirmed or denied by the actress or Katie Price.  Katie Price herself would like Julie Roberts to play her in the proposed movie of her life, but the girls in the Bingo Hideout office think that as good as a character actress that Julie Roberts undoubtedly is we doubt that she could do the role justice.  Her ability to play the low-class hooker in pretty woman aside there is just not enough base vulgarity about the Hollywood legend to make her the best woman for the job.  Julie Roberts (and Kate Winslet for that matter) playing Jordan is about as appropriate as asking the Queen to enter the Big Brother house.  Therefore may we suggest someone with equal talent, charisma, parenting skills (see our earlier article) and good looks – Kerry Katona!

Mickey Rourke apparently has the chest for it

There have been some of the general public in chat forums and online newspaper comment sections, suggesting others more fitting to pay tribute to the big bazooka’d topless ‘model’.  Those suggested to play Jordan rank big name talents such as Mickey Rourke, Jodie Marsh and Pete Burns.  One wit in the Bingo Hideout office has also suggested Sylvester Stallone’s mother Jackie.  Some might say Jackie is far too glamorous and more of a natural beauty to really be able to take on such a part, but should she wish to there might be a need to wear a little more slap to really do the role justice.

Come on Bingo Hideout readers let us know who you think would be an ideal candidate to play such a fabulous film role – we are hoping for a giggle this afternoon so let your imaginations run wild. On a side note …. Hey Paddy Power, you are slipping as you don’t have odds on this market yet!

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