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Bingo Hideout surprised that Katie Price aka Jordan walks out

  • 23 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Katie PriceBingo Hideout were surprised to read this morning that Jordan aka Katie Price has finally given into public will and quit ITV I’m a Celebrity, walking out of the reality TV show after being voted seven times for the bush tucker trials.  The reason for our surprise in the Bingo Hideout offices is that we believed that Katie Price would never give in, as she is so determined to get her space and face on all the tabloids, broadsheets and internet news and gossip columns (Bingo Hideout’s The Buzz included) that we felt that she would be there till the public finally voted her off.

The public have relentlessly pursued Ms Price with their votes since she entered the jungle sending a signal loud and clear to her that she is not the most popular contestant on the reality TV show.  Maybe that is the reason why Ms Price has decided to leave now, so she can at least now leave with her head held high and without going through the process of rejection by the general public.  Some of the guys in the Bingo Hideout offices are not Katie’s greatest supporters, as some of our recent articles have proved testament to, however there are cries on blog sites that Katie Price has been subjected to hideous bullying by the British public the like of which has never been seen before.  The team in the Bingo Hideout office have therefore been discussing this fact today and dissecting if there is any basis to this theory in reality, but we have to be honest and say we really can’t see that this is true.  The whole point of a vote by the public is to say which person they least like and the one they therefore would prefer to do the bush tucker trials on the I’m a Celebrity show.  The whole fact that the public have voted for her in the majority is the basis of the game.

To put this into some kind of perspective if we were all asked to vote tomorrow for the next prime minister and Gordon didn’t make it, would there be people crying ‘foul’ and thinking the nation was guilty of a plot to hurt his feelings?  No, the fact is there are far more likeable people in the I’m a Celebrity jungle, and all those that have voted have done so because they believe that person is the least likeable of the bunch.  Rest assured Katie you won’t be missed for long as mark our words it will be Bugner next! This whole exercise hasn’t done Katie’s career any harm with coverage in all the national papers and an article in the Guardian today asking the very relevant question “What was Katie Price expecting when she re-entered I’m A Celebrity?” What do you think, has poor little Katie Price been bullied?  Or are we all well rid of her?  Bingo Hideout would love to hear your views.

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