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Bingo Hideout team report Top Gear could be axed

  • 22 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Top Gear to be axed?Top Gear for the chop, can’t be true surely! Well dear Bingo Hideout readers 2009 has been pretty dire with celebrity deaths aplenty and now with the tragic news that there is every possibility that Top Gear could be axed could things really get any worse?  Waiting patiently as we have in the Bingo Hideout office for our free tickets for the filming of Top Gear it now appears that our eternity of waiting is now unlikely to bring the result that we were all looking for.  How can life be so cruel that we have lost the likes of Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett and Stephen Gately only to have hints from the BBC2 Top Gear producer Andy Wilman that Clarkson et al will be added to the list of casualties!

We don’t want May from the Magic Roundabout to go

A life devoid of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, the Hamster and of course Stig, well some might applaud with excitement but for the team of writers in the Bingo Hideout offices this is the worst possible news.  After all, in a life that is stacked full of wishy washy reality TV this appears to be the only programme that gets away with saying what most of us are really thinking.  It isn’t even about the cars anymore, thought they are still an added bonus, it’s the banter, the silliness, the anarchic fun with a capital ‘F’.  The droll and often acerbic wit of Clarkson is merged so brilliantly with the composure of James May (who if he was a cartoon character would be Dylan from the Magic Roundabout) with a huge drizzle of the bouncy enthusiasm and gamesmanship of Richard Hammond – a recipe for TV heaven.

Rage against Top Gear axing?

Andy Wilman believes that the latest Top Gear series is “predictable”, and says worryingly “It’s fair to say that this incarnation of Top Gear is nearer the end than the beginning and our job is to land this plane with its dignity still intact.”  Of course cynics might say that the article published in the Guardian is just an attempt by the producers to bump viewing figures up – which admittedly have dropped from 8 million to 5 million more recently, but we are not so sure and have a bad feeling here in the Bingo Hideout office.  If it is the case that Top Gear is destined for the knackers yard then maybe we need a facebook campaign like the recent RATM one, come on people surely you love Top Gear as much as we do in the Bingo Hideout office, please help us to keep the Reasonably-Priced Car on the track! Save our Clarkson!

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