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Bingo Hideout thinks glass houses and stones could sum up John Terry affair

  • 01 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Terry and BridgeBingo Hideout has read all the recent news stories of the England captain, John Terry’s catalogue of indiscretions and let’s face it, he isn’t the first nor will he be the last to be in this situation.  In fact he is just the latest in a long line of superstar sportsmen to be caught with their proverbial pants down.  Surely there is nothing new about top footballers cheating on their wives and girlfriends, and maybe we should all stop being so surprised that the mix of wads of cash, adoring fans and man hungry ‘glamour models’ flinging themselves at the men involved  might actually result in slack morals and massaged egos (and other parts if stories are true!).

Terry, walking on the Bridge?

Chealsea FC ‘s John Terry has not only reportedly been having a liaison with his ex-team mate Wayne Bridge’s partner, Vanessa Perroncel but also if stories are true in the Mail then a whole harem of frankly quite scary looking women.  The women concerned are not averse to being used by the famous men as sexual playthings nor of cashing in on the ‘relationship’ when the optimum moment rears its head (that is if you can call having sex with a premiership footballer in the men’s loo a relationship!).  Historically one only has to look back at football idols like George Best and even our recent stories about Tiger Woods and his reported ‘sexual addiction’ to see the evidence of this hedonistic mix of partying hard and star struck women.   This often results in a huge amounts of tabloid column inches revealing every minute detail of their many sexual conquests and seedy exploits.

Bridge really the injured party?

The media has come down very hard on John Terry some even calling for his sacking over his affair with Vanessa.  However is Wayne Bridge really so different, as there have been stories about his exploits too.  One story featured in the Metro paper in 2008 – which incidentally was when he was still supposed to be in a serious relationship with Vanessa  Perroncel – stated that he partied till 4.00am dancing on tables at a Champions League victory party.  The party was attended by ‘glamour‘models and porn stars, however partners and wives were not allowed to attend.

Ms Perroncel was quoted before Christmas as saying of her split with Wayne that “Players and friends led him astray,” and “He was going out more than he should have.” Other reports has stated that she was annoyed at his alleged philandering, so maybe Wayne and John had a lot more in common than just sleeping with Ms Perroncel! What do our Bingo Hideout readers think, is John Terry a snake in the grass?  Should he be sacked? Are they all as bad as one another – WAGS included? Or are the real victims the children of both couples in this whole sorry story?

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