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Bingo Hideout wants to know, X Factor or Rage for No.1?

  • 17 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Rage for Christmas No.1So Bingo Hideout and the Buzz readers, which camp will you be in this Christmas for the two contenders for the race to the Christmas No 1 …. X Factor or RATM?  Will you be in the X Factor camp, firmly supporting Joe McElderry with the whiter than white ‘The Climb’ or in the Alternative Rock camp with the classic effing and jeffing  Rage Against The Machine track ‘Killing in the Name’? There has never been anything like it for stirring up Christmas pop controversy, with a clear division not only in the UK as a whole but also in some work places and households.  Christmas is always a time renowned for twee and schmaltzy, with the biggest controversy seen in previous years being the peculiar decision to ban Cliff Richard’s single ‘The Millennium Prayer’.

Classic tale of Mr White v Mr Black?

The Bingo Hideout team themselves are split with certain members of the office staff getting quite irate at the prospect of Joe not reaching the No.1 slot (namely Laura) but with some of the team thinking that this is what the Christmas pop chart really needs.  After all Christmas has now become almost synonymous with Simon Cowell’s factory standard, one-size-fits all, sanitised, just-in-time pop music, or have we got it wrong.  Rage Against the Machine may not be everyone’s cup of tea but doesn’t it come as a breath of fresh air having something break through the chart that is so completely outside of the usual Christmas Selection box of rotten pop tunes? Certainly there is no malice from the Bingo Hideout offices for Joe McElderry who is a talented young singer and who undoubtedly is destined for big things, but isn’t this rehashed song just a little bland and samey?

Fairytale of the 2009 Christmas No.1

Not since The Pogues ubiquitous “Fairytale of New York” has there been a Christmas song that has so much earthy appeal.  Some might argue that‘ Killing in the Name’ does not convey an appropriate message, however Rage Against the Machine have been pretty active in their message against social injustice (see Wikipedia for full details), which clearly is a good reason to support them.   There is also the fact that the single is helping to raise funds for Shelter and YouthMusic, with a RATM ‘ Just Giving’ campaign that runs alongside the single which aims to gain exposure for Shelter and raise additional funds. RATM say ‘We have chosen Shelter because no one should be homeless at Christmas’ …… and if that is not a great message for Christmas then Bingo Hideout don’t know what is! If you are interested there is also a facebook group dedicated to making RATM no 1 this Christmas!

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