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Bingo Hideout warns, facebook has changed privacy security settings

  • 10 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Angry facebook usersBingo Hideout and The Buzz readers if you are a facebook user and haven’t already heard then let us inform you that facebook has changed the security settings and some people haven’t been informed.  The new changes to the facebook security settings took place on the 9th December and any previous privacy settings that you had will be changed to the new default settings, which basically will allow all and sundry to see all your private information.  If you are someone that is concerned with invasion of privacy or identity theft then it is in your best interests to look at your current security settings and amend them as soon as possible.

Bingo Hideout have been doing some research today and have seen blog sites awash with posters who are saying that they are so upset at facebook changing the security settings to the new default settings without letting them know, that they are threatening to close their facebook account.   The new default on facebook will allow everyone (even those using search engines) to see all your information from photos, videos right down to status updates, and users will have to manually override each option to keep information private.  Facebook have said in response to the huge amount of criticism that they have received to the changes,  that the amendments will ‘help members manage updates they want to share, not to trick them into revealing more information than they are comfortable with’.

An article published today on the BBC website has a quote from Marc Rotenberg, the executive director of the US Electronic Privacy Information Center (Epic), Marc says  of the security setting changes that “Facebook is nudging the settings toward the ‘disclose everything‘ position,” and went on further to add “That’s not fair from the privacy perspective.”

Bingo Hideout suggest that if you are at all concerned that you go to your profile page and access the Settings tab, from there select ‘manage’ in the Privacy option.  It is worth noting that if you have multiple photo albums on your facebook profile that you will need to change the settings for EACH album should you wish to keep the pictures private.

What do our Bingo Hideout and The Buzz readers think? Is this yet another stop too far by Facebook?  Are you OK with these settings being changed without your consent, overriding all previous security settings?  Bingo Hideout  would love to hear your views or your experiences. By the way dear Bingo Hideout readers, we don’t have any privacy restrictions on access to our Bingo Hideout fan page on facebook so please feel free to check it out and share with friends – we are most certainly not shy!

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