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Bingo Hideout wonder if the real Tiger Woods is the wife!

  • 29 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mrs Tiger WoodsBingo Hideout has been reading the news about Tiger Woods ‘car accident’ which left him hospitalised over the weekend with interest.  It is alleged that Tiger was ‘accidently’ in collision with a fire hydrant as he left his house at 2.30am, however there are a few factors that just seem to throw doubt on the explanation of how the accident occurred. Bingo Hideout have been analysing the evidence and there are a few strange factors that have been reported in the media that maybe gives a whole different angle to the baffling series of events.

Firstly just prior to the ‘accident’, there were accusations in the press that Tiger Woods had been linked to a nightclub hostess and according to a story in the National Enquirer had been together whilst Woods was participating recently in the Australian Masters. Reports are saying that Woods left his home very quickly after a ‘domestic incident’, and when police arrived Wood’s wife Elin Nordegren was found in possession of a golf club which she stated was used to try to free Mr Woods from his vehicle. An article in the Mail states that there have been reports on a celebrity website, TMZ suggesting the ‘real’ cause of the accident –in this scenario Ms Nordegren had been physically attacking Tiger Woods over the media speculation of an affair, then as the golfing legend leaves to escape his wife’s assault she chases him down the drive, equipped with golf club in hand and this is ultimately what caused the collision with the fire hydrant.

How true the reports are Bingo Hideout cannot say.  However we did a mini survey of some of the girls around the office asking the simple question ‘how would you react if you were married to Woods and it had been reported that he was having an affair behind your back with a nightclub hostess in all the worlds press?’  The consensus of opinion in the Bingo Hideout office is that his golf club’s would most likely need to be surgically removed from ‘him indoors’. Obviously Bingo Hideout  do not condone the use of violence so please do not think we do.  But what is your opinion on the Tiger Woods story? Would you fly into a rage if he was your husband and chase him with his 9 iron or possibly neatly pack his belongings in a bag less one arm of each shirt and jacket and minus one leg on each pair of jeans or trousers? Bingo Hideout would love to hear if you have a tiger in your tank!

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