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Bingo Hideout’s Buzz on the continuing X Factor saga

  • 11 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

John and EdwardBingo Hideout are great fans of the X Factor and are sad to report the saga continues with disgust for Simon Cowell and the Jedward twins being voiced online and in the media and even on Bingo Hideout ‘s The Buzz.  The strength of feeling so strong for Mr Cowell and John and Edward that it is really quite strange when sitting juxtaposition alongside the complete adoration for Cowell and the twins in almost equal measure by so many others.  It begs the question do we love or loathe these real life pantomime characters?

There have been apparently over 3,000 complaints about the X Factor fiasco, so many complaints in fact have been made to Ofcom that according to Yahoo news, Ofcom are now carrying out an investigation. On the flip side well respected reporters like the Mail’s Jan Moir seem firmly in the Cowell and Jedward camp, in her recent article Ms Moir said about the twins that “they ooze a certain something. Let’s call it charm”. Bingo Hideout readers would put a slightly different slant on the subject, Gerry a recent commentator on our article about the Jedward twins provides a comparison between the fair behaviour of the Strictly come Dancing judges and what he believes to be the biased behaviour of the X Factor judges “will watch Strictly from now on as it still is a real competition. There the public get to vote their favourite, and yes people do in there (sic) sometimes vote for people they like rather than who is the best, but at least the judges do the right thing an put thru the act with the higher talent or the most likely to progress, oh but not xfactor, its all about the money and we get treated like we are stupid.”

Facebook has one Fan page dedicated to getting rid of John Edward with 261,021 supporters at time of writing with many more along the same theme, in contrast there are other fan pages with names like ‘Keep Jedward In’ and ‘Keep John and Edward in all the way’ the latter with 37,433 members. In fact there are around 582 groups on Facebook dedicated to John and Edward and a further 186 on the subject of the Jedward twins.

The whole Simon Cowell, Jedward, X Factor drama will no doubt continue, certainly as thousands are affirming that they will no longer watch the show and will jump ship to Strictly Come Dancing.  Next weeks viewing figures should make very interesting reading, and maybe if the punters do decide to not watch the show there might be something to wipe that smug smirk of Mr Cowell’s face! We leave the final word to another Bingo Hideout reader David Ahern who said in The Buzz “Disgracefull thought this was a singing competition we will not be watching this anymore. you (sic) have made a big mistake Mr Cowell”. Will you boycott the X Factor? Bingo Hideout are keen to hear your views too.

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