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Bingo Hideout’s Charlotte mourning as Ricky Martin comes out

  • 30 Mar 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Ricky MartinThere is one person in the Bingo Hideout reeling from the news that Ricky Martin has announced that he is gay and proud – poor old Charlotte!  In complete denial  for years, even though Ricky is clearly as camp as Christmas she has asserted that all the media speculation over Ricky Martin’s private life was just the press with their collective knives out, well who was right and who was wrong now Char!  The reason for the delay in Ricky announcing the ‘shock’ news of his homosexuality was apparently down to pressure from the industry, with the belief that ‘coming out’ could damage his career.

Living La vida loca – the crazy life

A news story  in the Daily Mail reports that Ricky Martin, now 38 feels comfortable enough in his own skin to put outside pressures to one side and announce candidly to the world ‘I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.’  Well done Ricky, but lets face it do we all really need to know?  After all, no one knows what my sexual preferences are, nor would they be interested to find out either.  We are all the same human beings, and who ever (or for that matter what ever, as we are fully aware that there are some with alternative lifestyle choices) your object of desire may be is really no concern of any one else but you – and your partner!

Ricky being gay doesn’t shock the world only Charlotte

Clearly female fans, like Bingo Hideout’s very own Charlotte will be devastated that the man they have hankered after all these years is actually not ever likely to be interested in them anyway, well maybe only to share sob stories about horrid boyfriends.  Come on though Charlotte get a grip, Ricky Martin was never going to look at you twice anyway even if he wasn’t gay, so get over it love.  To some (like me and most of the world) Ricky never needed to come out, just like many other celebrities before him (George Michael and Freddie Mercury to name but two) the evidence was always  there if you chose to see it and most people choose to accept you just the way you are anyway, so don’t worry Ricky because most of us really don’t care anyway.

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