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Bingo Hideouts tells of Robbie Williams as X Factor judge?

  • 15 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

X Factor judge?Dear Bingo Hideout and The Buzz readers, we have some X Factor news that will just about put a smile on any female bingo players face (there would likely be a few men smiling too!).  The music supremo Simon Cowell has been hinting that Robbie Williams may be a judge on the X Factor.  If this is true and Robbie Williams is to be a judge then without doubt the popular singing contest would be a whole different affair.  How would the female judges cope with Robbie possibly sandwiched between them?

Dropping the X Factor

Of course there are so many rumours circulating at the moment regarding the X Factor that it is difficult to glean what is truth and what is fiction.  Recent stories have also reported on the possibility that the X Factor show wouldn’t return, with Simon Cowell putting the boot in to ITV after the success of the recent X Factor final by saying giving them an ultimatum that if they don’t cough up more cash then he will pull the plug on the TV show.

The rumour mill ploughing full steam ahead

There are rumours after rumours, but the girls here in the Bingo Hideout office are convinced that Robbie is going to appear as a judge on the X Factor when it returns next season.  How the inclusion of Robbie Williams in the show would affect the other judges positions on the panel is not known, would they drop one (pardon me!), if they did then which judge would go? Louise, Dannii? Obviously not Cheryl as other rumours flying about are that Simon Cowell has the real hots for the Geordie songstress. Other names that have been linked in the press as possible judges are Mel B and Eminem though there has been no confirmation that either of these two celebrities would appear either. What do Bingo Hideout readers think, would Robbie bring some Sex Factor to the show? Do you think one of the judges should go, if so which one?  Would you like the show to be dropped instead?

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