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Bingo Hideout’s The Buzz hears of J-Lo sex tape battle

  • 13 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

J-LoBingo Hideout has heard that J-Lo has had a restraining order slapped on ex-husband Ojani Noa for a suspected sex tape, and as all the gang in the Bingo Hideout office are big fans of Jenny from the block we just had to do some newshound digging about.  From US news sources it appears that it was Ms Lopez’s belief that Noa was about to release a film showing the actress in compromising situations which some are saying includes ‘sexual situations’.  The so-called J Lo sex tape had allegedly been filmed during the 11 month marriage to Noa, and reportedly contains home video footage of the actress and singer during their honeymoon.  The pair had entered into a contract before their wedding in 1997 which prohibited Noa from selling images or from disclosing details of their lives together in a confidentiality clause, the actress is now suing Noa for $10m for breaching this agreement.

An LA court has agreed to issue a temporary ban on the release of the film, which has been touted by Noa as a ‘mockumentary’ of his short 11 month marriage to Jennifer Lopez whilst the case is heard and a more formal decision is made.  Ojani Noa has denied the allegation that the film contains any sexual images and the Producer of the film entitled ‘How I married Jennifer Lopez: The J-Lo and Ojani Noa Story’ is quoted in the Guardian as saying that the film is ‘romantic’. This is not the first time that J-Lo has had to resort to using the courts to stop Noa from releasing intimate details of their lives together.  In 2007 Noa was about to release a Kiss and Tell book which resulted in a $545k lawsuit being issued by Lopez.  It was alleged that Noa had demanded a $5m sum from Ms Lopez to stop the book being published.

Jennifer Lopez is suing her ex-husband and cites Ed Mayer, who assisted with making the film in the papers issued by the court.  In the court records J-Lo states that she has suffered “shame, mortification, hurt feelings, embarrassment, humiliation” due to her ex-husbands intentions to release the private film footage. Mr Noa for his part stated in a statement published on the msnbc news site that “It’s a movie about my life,” and “They’re trying to ruin my life again … She don’t want me to succeed and that’s the problem.”

The girls in the Bingo Hideout office cannot believe how many female stars allow themselves to be filmed in the all together, call us prudish but if anyone comes near us with a video camera when we are in the nuddie then they would get the camers shoved where the sun don’t shine – even if they are our other halves – what do you say girls?  Are we just shy or are some stars just a little bit gullible?  We would love to hear what our Bingo Hideout readers think of saucy video tapes – would you or wouldn’t you?  Please leave your views, names can be changed to protect the innocent LOL!

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