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EastEnders murder mystery reveals Archie murdered by Stacey

  • 19 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Stacey SlaterThe Bingo Hideout team had a strictly no phone, no msn policy in place for tonight’s EastEnders anniversary episode in which Archie Mitchell’s murderer was finally revealed.  As the girlies all sat together eagerly awaiting the dramatic disclosure none of the team in the Bingo Hideout office could have anticipated that Stacey Slater would be revealed as the guilty party of Archie Mitchell’s murder, nor that dear old Bradley would be left for dead after a fall.   It all started off so well for us Bingo Hideout girls, all expecting at last to see Janine, Ian Beale or wimpy Billy finally get their just deserts and take the rap for Archie’s death.

Bradley, dancing with roof’s

It was with a sense of dread however that we watched the live drama unfolding, sitting clutching our popcorn and Quality Street silently as Bradley and Stacey had a passionate embrace before he rushed home to get their passports – ‘that’s a good bye scene’ we all whimpered.  Our terrible prediction came true as we watched the police chase after the only decent, normal guy in the whole of the EastEnders show.  The police chase finally resulting in Bradley taking a tumble of a roof and ending up in a pool of blood and Stacey delivering her tearful confession to her ex-lover and father-in-law, Max.

Who’s the Daddy?

Archie Mitchell may have been murdered, but if there was any justice in the world of TV soaps then Janine would be banged up for it even if she wasn’t guilty – just because …………… well, the Bingo Hideout girls can’t stand her.  The EastEnders story line has reached its dramatic conclusion and the identity of the guilty party is finally out and now we can just wait for all the sadness, funeral, police cell and courtroom scenes to be dragged out for a few months before normality will be returned to Albert Square. But ………. and it is a big BUT – who is the father of Stacey Branning nee Slater’s baby?  Another chance for the EastEnders scriptwriters to have a ‘duff-duff’ we feel! Surely Darren can’t be guilty of this baby making saga after taking advantage of (lol) Heather Trott.
Come on Bingo Hideout readers, who do you think is the father of Stacey’s baby – it can’t be Bradley or Archie, our money is on Phil after all he has to be guilty of something in this story line, and he is one of the few men left with their own teeth in the soap!

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