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Give us your tweets on the Best or Worst Bingo feeling

  • 10 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo best & worst feelingAll the gang at Bingo Hideout are big Social Networking fans, so we will often be found on facebook, twitter or Bebo.  In the name of Bingo Hideout research of course, I have today had a quick visit to both facebook and twitter to check out what is happening.  On twitter I found a great trending topic and one which is causing a bit of a stir, ‘best feeling’ and ‘worst feeling’, some of the tweets are absolutely amazing and provide a great insight into the minds of people and what is important and painful in their lives.  The following small selection are really quite profound:

‘The DivineMsRoss’ tweets that her Best feeling is Rekindling an old flame… and her worst feeling is when You quickly realize why that flame was put out.


‘NistoshaR’  who tweets that her best feeling is knowing u have REAL friends that care.. and her worst feeling is finding out which one’s are FAKE.

This got me thinking about how you can relate the best feeling and the worst feeling topic to the world of online bingo.  In particular when playing a bingo game, the best feeling without doubt has to be when you manage to get a win at a bingo game – whether big or small the euphoria felt is quite amazing.  The worst feeling might be when visiting bingo sites and taking part in a coverall bingo game when there is a big jackpot to win, you are down to your last few pennies and on your last bingo card, and its mid month so cash is in short supply, the online bingo game is going well and you have a positive feeling that this is it, you are finally going to win big.  The tension mounts you get the magic 2TG then ….. 1TG …… then someone else wins! Without doubt that is my worst bingo feeling in the world.

I did a little Twitter style quiz on the gang in the Bingo Hideout office and all have their own particular Best Feeling and worst feeling stories just like those featured on Twitter, and actually I can’t tell you the guys best feelings as they are completely X rated, so I will have to leave it to your imagination!  However we would love to know your bingo best feelings and worst feelings, maybe you have found a long lost friend in the chat room or something has gone wrong while you are playing your bingo game, what ever your stories are we would love to hear.  So come on Bingo Hideout readers spill the beans we are itching to know.  Now remember boys we already know what some of your best feelings are (as generously supplied by the male specimens in the office already) so please keep it clean!

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