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Has Bingo Hideout found the answer to dealing with problem children?

  • 27 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

The Dog WhispererIf Bingo Hideout The Buzz readers want to know the best way to keep their children in check then we could possibly have the answer, and its not as you might think by using the services of Super Nanny Jo Frost.  As Christmas fast approaches it is important to have all the children living in the UK on Santa’s good list so we feel that we should share the secret of parenting success with all Bingo Hideout readers. Actually all our Bingo Hideout readers will be very surprised to find that an article published in The New York Times reports on suggestions currently being touted by parents in America that the way to deal with child rearing trouble or their children’s behavioural problems is to take tips from Cesar Millan aka The Dog Whisperer.

Most of us in the UK are now familiar with the antics of Dog Whisperer Cesar, and how he uses a pack leader approach on our four legged friends.  We have sat starring in awe at how with relatively no effort he manages to calm a fractious pet or have smiled in wonder as the unassuming Mexican has managed to coax a feline-hating bulldog to sit quietly next to a cat within just a few minutes of being in his company. Now it would seem, if some American parents are correct then parents should become pack leaders and use similar techniques that Cesar uses on his television show. If the article is correct in the New York Times then some parents are ditching the softly softly approach of modern parenting experts and advocating some tough love along the line of the Dog Whisperer to rear well mannered, well behaved children.

Cesar’s theory for happy dogs is based on three main ingredients, exercise, discipline and affection and parents are saying that this technique is equally effective in maintaining order in the home when bringing up small children. So what do Bingo Hideout readers think? If we are to get rid of the kiddie ASBO culture should we all be implementing a bit of Child Whispering?

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