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Katie Price and Alex in record breaking first row? – Bingo Hideout

  • 05 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Katie in rowBingo Hideout say cheer up Pete, all might not be heaven in the honeymoon suite of Katie Price and Alex Reid. The guys in the Bingo Hideout office as usual have been burning the midnight oil and couldn’t help noticing a headline has popped up in the Mirror stating that the ‘happy couple’ maybe have not been quite so happy after all.  According to the Mirror the pair have already had a major public barney over a lap dancer and for any newly married couple that surely is not a good sign.

Lap dancer caused row

The reason for the public spat appears to be that Alex Reid was taking too much interest in a tall leggy blond, who was dancing for him in the lap dancing club that they spent their honeymoon evening in.  This incensed his new wife who is reported in the Mirror to have stormed off after smacking him around the ear.  Alex Reid was apparently contrite and quickly tried to make amends, which apparently meant a quick dash back to the hotel room to try to make a honeymoon baby.  Aah, romance is clearly not dead!  It does beg the question though, what sort of couple actually go to a strip club on their honeymoon anyway?  Surely the whole point of getting married is to be together as a couple to the exclusion of all others – especially scantily clad ladies gyrating seductively in your new hubbies face.

Pantomime couple need to stop playing the pantomime horse

Clearly excellent parenting role models, just for one minute analyse the different characters in this pantomime.  The groom – a cross dressing cage fighter, the bride – a publicity hungry glamour model who thinks nothing of exposing herself in public to get a headline , the honeymoon – spent watching lap dancers in a Las Vegas strip club, the ex-husband – staying at home looking after the children and as told in our article yesterday crying during a TV interview when asked how he would feel at losing custody of his beloved children.  Which do most people feel is the best role model for the children, surely Katie and Alex do themselves no favours.  Come on you two ‘lovebirds’ put each other down, stop trying to drag a new baby into this sorry mess.  Go home and spend some time with the children that are already around.

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