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Katie Price to win Mother of the Year? – read Bingo Hideout

  • 16 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Katie PriceThe team at Bingo Hideout are big fans of I’m a Celebrity and so have been very interested in the news stories relating to Katie Price AKA Jordan.  The decision by Ms Price to enter the I’m a Celebrity contest for a second time has triggered many news articles – which is clearly her reasoning for going.  Ms Price however need not think that she will be in the running for ‘mother of the year’ award with all the news circulating, and most certainly not after it has been reported in a tabloid ‘news’ article that she believes her little 2 year old daughter Princess, ‘looks like a troll’ when she has her hair straightened – one wonders why a parent would be using scalding straighteners to style a 2 year olds hair.  That aside the fact remains that Price is prepared to leave her children for a month to appear in the latest I’m a celebrity …. get me out of here series, at a time when her three small children need their mother more than ever.

The sad break up of Peter Andre and Katie Price’s marriage has been well documented both in the news and in the recent reality TV shows tracking their day to day lives.  As our previous article states Peter Andre seems to come out on top, and certainly deserves praise for seemingly putting his children first and if the documentary scenes are true he also appears to be a doting and caring father.  Price on the other hand seems to use the children as an emotional battering ram to hurt her ex-husband and also to court the headlines no matter what the cost to her children. Today alone on an internet search there are headlines stating that Price is hoping to get ‘Foxy with Sam’ and then goes on to hint at Price’s hopes of a lesbian encounter  with the former glamour model.  Yet another crude story states she is concerned that the I’m a Celebrity producers have some disgusting things lined up for her to eat in her bush tucker trials with the accompanying headline “I bet I get to eat a willy”.

In another article Price states that she will do anything to win the ‘I’m a Celebrity’ show stating “I’m in the camp fighting for my kids.”  Most of the news team in the Bingo Hideout offices think its a shame that she isn’t at home fighting for her kids, which is certainly the way that most mothers of small children would behave.  Peter Andre however has not been reduced to trashing his ex wife, instead he has been quoted as being ‘over the moon’ at having the opportunity to look after the children whilst his erstwhile wife is cavorting the other side of the globe.  One does wonder if this might eventually become a permanent arrangement ordered by the courts if this type of behaviour continues!

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