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New X Factor fix row – read The Buzz at Bingo Hideout

  • 17 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

John and EdwardThe gang at Bingo Hideout’s The Buzz  are not surprised at all to read news that there are fresh accusations of a Jedward fix, after all headlines for the X Factor have been a little quieter of late what with the I’m a Celebrity show kicking off. The latest row is in relation to last weeks performance where the twins John and Edward performed the Queen song ‘Under Pressure’, an insider has said that the Jedward boys had their mic’s turned so low that their voices were hardly heard, and a track recorded by backing singers was played simultaneously giving the impression that the boys were singing far better than they actually were.  This extra bit of technical assistance was given allegedly under the orders of the show bosses – which I think you will find is where Mr Cowell steps into the frame!

A representative of the X Factor show is quoted on the Yahoo site as saying in response to the allegation of a fix that “Contestants sing live and all are given equal technical support.” But the X Factor Insider states categorically that “Every week session singers record backing tracks to some songs. But soundmen are told to turn down the levels of the twins’ mics so their vocals are mostly covered by the backing singers”. Readers of Bingo Hideout’s The Buzz will be well aware of the reactions of some of our readers in response to articles we have published regarding the shennanigans at the X Factor studio.

Of course you have to ask, how better to get the show more publicity than to have a new fix row being bandied about the internet?  Maybe we are a little cynical in the Bingo Hideout offices but this all seems an excellent marketing ploy for the show, after all these inflammatory headlines make viewers incensed and all the more likely to tune in and all the more importantly to vote.  For anyone who has been on the other side of the world recently, Jedward remained in the X Factor last week after the vote off and Jamie unfortunately was booted out.  The twins performance was interrupted when Calvin Harris stormed the stage with a pineapple on his head – for what reason remains unclear – Calvin has now been banned from the X Factor show for life, Bingo Hideout’s The Buzz are sure that Calvin is devastated by the sad news.

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