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Nicole Kidman tells of raunchy love life

  • 06 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Nicole KidmanSo what does a celebrity ‘A’ lister have to do to get her face in the papers and magazines when the paparazzi would rather be snapping her ex-husband and his glamorous much younger wife? Apparently if you are Nicole Kidman you don a basque and stockings and hint at the raunchy sex life you and your new husband enjoy in and interview with GQ magazine. Of course some might say that a mother in her forties should think of her children and maybe not give the distinct impression that there is a darker experimental side to her sex life with Keith Urban, but Bingo Hideout certainly wouldn’t get on our soapbox about that.

Though it is admirable that a woman of 40+ can look so stunning in her underwear we worry that Nicole is in danger of becoming another Madonna, seemingly so desperate to retain her youth that she will happily do or say anything to ensure that she remains in the public eye. Also it is has to be said that usually those that spout on about what goes on in the privacy of their bedroom actually see less action than the quiet ones with a smirk on their faces.  However, we digress ….Nicole, bless her heart is holding nothing back in the interview for the December issue of GQ magazine.  Although she is described by GQ as Hollywood’s most secretive starlet, Nicole tells of her ‘extreme love’ for country singer Keith Urban and comes across as anything but secretive.

Nicole Kidman also goes on to talk about the warnings she received from her agents before her marriage to Tom Cruise, they told her that her career would end should she marry such a big Hollywood star.  Nicole to her credit said that she was in love and not at all attracted to the fame that went with the marriage to Cruise, as she was successful in her own right in Australia prior to her marriage. We at Bingo Hideout do love Nicole, honest we do, but has no one told her that less is often more!

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