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Riots break out in Bingo Hideout office over X Factor

  • 13 Dec 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

X FactorAll the guys at Bingo Hideout love the X Factor, and really can’t wait for tonight’s result with much debating going on over who should win (some might call it arguing!), and it’s a difficult one to call though, with both Joe McElderry and Olly Murs both having their plus points.  Clearly for sexual chemistry and for unadulterated raunch appeal then you would have to go down the Olly Murs route, but for cute and clean and something that will appeal to kids, Mums and pensioners alike then Joe is the one to get the vote.  In the Bingo Hideout office it has been a constant spat over who should win, with Lily in the office almost broken hearted over Stacey losing the battle for her place in the final last night (give the girl a tissue for goodness sake!).

Olly or Joe? –  chalk and cheese springs to mind!

When Olly did his duet with Robbie Williams on Saturday’s X Factor it was clear that he was from the same pod as the pop sex god himself.  Olly is a bit of a diamond in the rough at the moment but with experience and the polish (and of course the big money) that the likes of Simon Cowell can provide then the future could be very bright  for the sexy Essex boy– and certainly Olly would be able to take Robbie’s crown in the future. We do love Olly’s moves and soon we might have the pleasure of seeing a lot more of Olly if the result goes his way this evening (Ooooh a lot more of Olly there’s a thought – writer fans herself with OK magazine!).

Joe McElderry of course is destined for big things come what may, and because he is pretty much note perfect in every song there will be the purists that think that he should win.  Some fans of the X Factor in the Bingo Hideout office however are saying that he can sing but he is dull as dish water (as if I would say that!).  He does have that rather scary fixed grin on his face almost constantly, and possibly someone should tell Joe that the baring of so many teeth is usually a sign of aggression in the animal world and I have to say it brings out the worst in some of the guys in the Bingo Hideout office. Charlotte absolutely loves Joe and would like to fix him to her keyring to carry around with her so that she can see his happy face when ever she wants – personally I can think of nothing more unappealing!

Tell us who you think should win!

It’s pretty easy to see where my vote will go but clearly all the Bingo Hideout readers will have their own thoughts on who should win and of the results when they eventually come in.  So dear Bingo Hideout readers and online bingo players please tell us what you think, we are looking forward to hearing who you guys think should win and after the show tonight what your thoughts are of the ultimate winner.

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